Tron Developers Announce Test Net Launch, But is it Such a Big Deal?

Developments in the world of cryptocurrency come in many different forms. Any project with a multi-billion dollar market cap needs to have a working product at this stage. For Tron, they finally succeeded in launching the test net. Although it is a positive development, it still doesn’t warrant the current value of this project.

TRON Still has Work to do

Launching a test net is often considered a bare minimal development in cryptocurrency. After all, any project is expected to have a test net from day one. In the case of Tron, there have been a fair few disappointing aspects in this regard. Until yesterday, the project had no working test net. It is unacceptable in every way possible, especially for such a highly-valued project.

While Tron may offer long-term value, the slower pace of development is a concern. For something valued at $3bn, no working test net for several months isn’t acceptable. Whether or not this highlights the lack of rationale in cryptocurrency, remains to be seen. With the test net now going live, the community is over the moon over something that should have been in place months ago.

Additionally, it seems there will be massive Tron advertisement in Times Square. The well-known Nasdaq screen at this location will display a Tron advertisement, according to the Foundation. A rather interesting marketing stunt, but nothing more than that. Until the main net is live, there is still plenty of work to be done At the same time, milestones have to be reached regardless, and this is a positive development overall.

Expectations in the Cryptocurrency Industry

All of this goes to show a lot of people have different expectations in the cryptocurrency industry. Launching a test net is not the major development most Tron supporters need to be looking for. The delay between a test net and main net can be anywhere from weeks to months or over a year. A test net doesn’t mean people will build Tron-based applications or use TRX in a meaningful manner.

On the positive side, it seems the developers launched this test net ahead of schedule. That in itself is a good thing, although it’s only the beginning. Beating the deadline also sparks a lot of confusion as of right now. More specifically, some people are concerned the foundation is too “trigger happy” regarding this announcement.

Whether or not the Tron price will increase, is a different matter altogether. It is just a test net first and foremost and not a finished product. The big question is whether or not the  Tron team can effectively deliver the goods in terms of launching a working product for the masses. That will largely depend on how this test net holds up.

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