Meet SKYFchain at International Blockchain Projects Road Show

Enhance your international connections and enjoy new business opportunities

Why should you visit International Blockchain Projects Road Show?

The major reason is to keep yourself updated about the forward-looking projects from all over the world to help develop your own business, extend the networking and select investment-wise startups.

The program is impressive. From April 5 to May 12, top ICOs are touring 16 cities in 11 countries of 3 regions. A wide range of startups in different cities will join the event. One of the headliners is

SKYFchain is the first B2R (business-to-robots) blockchain-based operational platform. Its presale ($2M) has been sold out just in 5 days! The platform aggregates information on all the events of cargo robots lifecycle: release, maintenance, details of the routes, specific flight assignments etc..

SKYFchain makes the access to financial instruments of unmanned cargo logistics really easy and trustworthy. SKYFchain project is supported by QIWI Blockchain Technology, the leading blockchain technologies company. To share their experience and find new supporters the SKYFchain team is visiting Asia, Europe, and the USA.

What is so special about the International Blockchain Projects Road Show? First of all, no need to travel far for those interested in participation – the Road Show’s locations are covering half of the world!

Secondly, unlike many crypto events, it is short but productive – just 3 hours, including presentations and breaks. If two coffee-breaks are not enough for your networking you are more than welcome to join an after-party to get to know the projects and the participants even better.

Benefit from Road Show and spend a quality time as it provides with opportunities for reliable international investments. Only successful and legally approved projects will be presented. Most importantly, personal interaction with CEOs and team members will give you an insight and better understanding into whether a startup reflects your business interests.


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