AirPod: A Peek into Its Tokenization

AirPod has a revolutionary internal economic ecosystem that makes it probably the world’s most profitable and stable business opportunity. Its establishment of own cryptocurrency dubbed APOD has set the ball rolling. APOD is projected to start circulating soon among Airpod’s customers. This will, in turn, create one internal economy. Customers will then be encouraged to make use of APOD tokens when renting pods and thus benefit from a significant discount. This will effectively mean that companies will see the need to buy APOD tokens for their employees who travel more often.

The APOD’s Sponsorship Program

Being part of AirPod’s sponsorship program is so far one of the main benefits of getting access to APOD tokens.  Once the 400th AirPod is placed, token holders will have a change to exchange tokens and thus get a share of the profits made by AirPod units. What’s more, token holders have the option to convert their tokens into a sponsorship for AirPods already established. This is made possible through AirPod’s own web application.

Through the platform, investors will also get a chance to sponsor an individual AirPod to get access to financial analysis of every location for free and this eventually helps them decide on the best AirPod for them.

Additionally, sponsors have the option to buy a certain percentage for each sponsorship and at the same time sell it to other parties that may be interested. On the same note, additional sponsorship may be made for a given percentage of other units of AirPod. The participants will then get access to their monthly rewards through payouts made to the account already created on the sponsorship platform of AirPod.

Becoming a partner at AirPod

Apart from the ability to sponsor a specific AirPod, holders of tokens can also propose new locations for AirPod through a partnership program. At this stage of the partnership, AirPods are being “placed on demand” and this enables the setup and eventually a connection to the network. Here partners can now lease or own a specific location after registration on the platform.

Grounded Volatility

As already established, the cryptocurrency market is faced with extreme volatility at all times and this makes it ineffective in terms of creating a stable economy. However, this volatility will not affect the internal economy of AirPod, thanks to the growing and expanding network and ecosystem. This basically means that value will continue to increase and thus bring in lasting rewards for holders of its token as well as the sponsorship program’s participants. Ideally, for as long as people need to travel AirPod is at their service to accommodate their needs.

What do you think about AirPod’s move to tokenize its platform? Is this a viable business opportunity to its users? Let us know of your views in the comments section below.

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