First Marketplace of Trading Algorithms Tradingene Supported by Waves to Launch ICO 16th of May

Blockchain-based platform designed to bring algorithm creators and investors together on an auction-based marketplace launches ICO. The platform will be one of the first projects to implement Waves’ smart contracts. Its TNG token baked on Waves will be available a wide range of users, both inside and outside the Waves community.

Today many large funds, institutional investors, and experienced traders use algorithmic trading: they invest using automated trading strategies that buy and sell using signals they receive from trading algorithms. This form of trading has a number of significant advantages over trading manually and provides high returns which are not presently accessible to the public trading on both cryptocurrency markets and traditional markets.

Tradingene is a blockchain-based auction platform that makes possible the creation and use of algorithms for trade cryptocurrency and the most popular financial instruments. Tradingene addresses the aforementioned problems through an accessible and advanced web platform for creating algorithms, online courses for algorithm creators, a competitive auction for algorithms and finally a blockchain-based system to increase transparency. Some trading algorithms already beat buy & hold strategy even on cryptocurrency markets.

“Tradingene will become an Uber on the algorithmic trading market,” says Daniel Wolfe, CEO. “There are a large number of inefficiencies in the algorithmic trading market. Current players have fee structures that do not motivate creators. Many platforms have a large number of ‘garbage’ and curve-fitted trading algorithms. In addition, they do not provide transparent pricing nor do they offer the opportunity to create algorithms for a wide range of markets. Tradingene solves all of these problems with a number of innovations and an entirely new ideology: the trading algorithm as investment product!”

According to the whitepaper, the project’s goals are to provide quality opportunities to retail investors who wish to invest using trading algorithms; to provide algorithm creators with opportunities to develop and test trading algorithms and attract capital; to create the conditions for maximally efficient, transparent and profitable investment in trading algorithms.

Tradingene platform investor’s personal cabinet prototype: trading robot choice

Even today Tradingene is a ready-to-use product for algorithm creators. The platform has more than 300 creators who have created over 2000 tested algorithms. Tradingene currently works with a select number of private investors.

Tradingene is one of the few companies that have an international, highly qualified team with more than 10 years trading experience and some famous financial managers, entrepreneurs and even world record holders. Its advisors are highly respected people in areas like Machine Learning (such as Tomoya Suzuki – John Brooks Award winner), Investments (such as Tim Seymour – hedge-fund manager and CNBC presenter) and Trading Algorithms (such as Dan Valcu– who holds the professional designation of a Certified Financial Technician, served on the Board of the International Federation of Technical Analysis, IFTA).

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