Keplertek’s Pre-Sale Starting Today – Kepler Universe to Change the Future!

With the start of Kepler Technologies long-awaited Pre-Sale, it is time for us to take a better look at their platform — Kepler Universe, and see what it is all about. Kepler Universe plans to unite Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data and the Blockchain to enable true innovation. By finally offering a platform on which the smartest minds can connect and work together on promising projects, many interesting ideas will be able to be realized without you having to go through the tedious process of connecting all the pieces by yourself. Some of the biggest industries such as medicine, agriculture, and energy could benefit greatly from this revolutionary mix, all thanks to the infrastructure provided by Kepler.

All settlements in this vast ecosystem will be conducted in KEP and under the utilization of Smart Contracts, to ensure for all deals to be binding and fair. By also using a Special Purpose Entity under European jurisdiction, Kepler promises that projects will not only be guarded by Smart Contracts, but also by the law. Project founders, investors, suppliers, service providers and customers will be able to interact through private messages, project groups, and channels. Intellectual property registration, workforce agreements, and legal entity registration can also be processed on Kepler Universe. The launch of Kepler’s own internal exchange will make it possible to exchange KEP with BTC, ETH and there will also be KEPUSD/EUR pairings!

KEP tokens are currently valued at $1.25 and will be available for purchase during the ongoing pre-sale, with ICO starting on June 17th. During pre-sale there is also an astonishing 30% bonus on the 4.000.000 tokens for sale, going down to 20% once ICO starts and decreasing further during its later stages.

Kepler is the best-rated ICO on multiple listing platforms and has not only partnered up with leading advisors in the field of technology but also with very renowned Innohubs and Tech Parks from all over the world. Over 50 motivated team members are working around the clock in Keplertek’s Tbilisi office to make sure the project will deliver on its amazing and revolutionary promises.

By investing in Kepler, you are also investing in hundreds of promising start-up companies focused on upgrading our innovative technologies, as well as thousands of young, motivated and visionary professionals, embodying their talents to benefit us all. Joyful dreams of what the future might hold will never again have to be abandoned due to a lack of funding or networking – don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of something big and get whitelisted now!

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