Keplertek: Gearing Up for Extra Sale

Do you have at least 0.2 Ethereum in the cryptocurrency wallet of your choice? If the answer is no, you have some preparation to do, as Keplertek is holding one final phase of its Pre-ICO.

Keplertek decided to hold one final phase of its Pre-ICO — namely, its Extra Sale, which will start on June 19th (8 PM UCT+4) and last until June 21st, 2018 (8 PM UCT+4). In those 48 hours, investors from all around the world (including the US and China) can take advantage of the huge 30 percent bonus on all purchases for one last time, and contribute to the creation of the future!

Keplertek is a very promising and ambitious start-up that has so far been able to sell out all tokens available during the Community Building Stage and Pre-Sale. The soft cap of 10 million USD is not far away and Keplertek is currently working very hard to ensure that the hard cap of 62.5 million is well within its sights as well — opening up countless possibilities for Keplertek and its world-changing ideas.

The Extra Sale will be your last chance to get involved with the biggest and most exciting initial coin offering in the space until the official launch of ICO. The sale is being conducted in 4 different phases. In the beginning, there is a 20 percent bonus on all purchases that eventually decreases to 10 percent, 5 percent, and 0 percent. However, you can always gain an extra 5 percent bonus through the affiliate program by sharing Keplertek with your friends, family and associates.

For investors who plan on really using the 30 percent bonus to its fullest extent, it is also possible to stack up even further! Taking a significant position in KEP now not only makes it possible to maximize profits from the Pre-ICO bonus but also be to reward you for your trust and ability to imagine a future characterized by humanity’s everlasting strive for innovation.

All you need to do in order to buy some KEP on June 19th is to complete KYC on Keplertek’s website — now also reachable through their new .io domain. Always watch out for phishing sites and scammers.

Keplertek’s community is growing rapidly and has generated a lot of hype, potential investors are being targeted by fraudsters on social media. Admins will never message you first, but are always happy to help and answer questions.

Join the most interesting project and help humanity move on to bigger things. Help design the technology of tomorrow while making sure you help yourself too. Get ready for Extra Sale and to make a revolutionary investment in a limitless future now!

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