NEON Wallet Teaser Before the Final Release of NEON V2

NEON Wallet is finally here with a tease of NEON V2 which will be coming soon. The latest 0.2.6 version has been released by the City of Zion (CoZ) with a number of fixes and updates with new functionalities.

NEON wallet 0.2.6 released by the city of Zion (CoZ)

Neon Wallet is an open source, cross-platform and a light wallet for the NEO blockchain that is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The wallet has been awaiting its Version2 for quite some time which will have new functionalities and a redesigned user interface. Though it has not been released yet, the City of Zion (CoZ) have released the 0.2.6 version of the wallet.

This new version of Neon Wallet has been further fixed and updated with new functionalities and put up on the GitHub.

The City of Zion is a global independent group of open source designers, developers, and translators that has been formed for the sole purpose of supporting the NEO core and ecosystem. They have already created or in the process of creating a number of products for Neo such as Neon Wallet, Neo Scan, NeoMon, Neo Python and internal documentation among others.

According to a post on the Reddit,

“CoZ and the Neon Wallet team has been hard at work ramping up for the release of v2 but in the meantime, we have put out the 0.2.6 release to support some new functionality and address a few bugs that have been reported by the community. Stay tuned for the next release which will include tons of new functionality and totally redone user interface!”

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Fixes and updates

The bug fixes made in the wallet includes the enhancements of stability and performance and the broken blockchain explorer links. The team has also worked on click and drag electron vulnerability along with removing the bugs related to error handling and blank screen issues. The community also struggled with issues in the request to check whether the update is available which have now been fixed.

When it comes to the new updates, now, one can recall the lost credentials via settings and can also prioritize transactions. The option to save an account while logging in with an encrypted key has been made available along with QR code authentication while logging in with a private key.

The updates also include support for CoZ TestNet and added scripthash for PEGUSD (FiatPEG USD), SPOT (Spotcoin), and ASA (Asura Coin).

The Neo community is excited of the new announcements as one enthusiast shared,

“Looking forward to seeing the new interface, but as always happy to see other enhancements.”

NEON Wallet teaser certainly creates an exciting path for the NEON V2 which has the entire Neo community waiting in anticipation.

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