Tron Airdrop of Over 10k TRX to Celebrate TVM Launch & Reaching 1M Block Height

Tron is celebrating the launch of Tron Virtual Machine today, for which it has announced the airdrop of about 10,531 TRX for top 100 winners. The day also marks Tron reaching the block height of 1000000 since its mainnet launch.

Tron reaches 1 million block height, airdrop of 10,531 TRX

Tron mainnet has completed a successful one month and is onto making another big launch today. The countdown of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) has finally come to an end as Tron CEO Justin Sun goes live with its release.

The airdrop that started today just a few hours back is gaining a lot of attention as already 1496 entrants have joined. The number of entrants in increasing fast as the last day for this airdrop is August 3rd.

A total of 10,531 TRX are in for airdrop where the number of TRX for different placeholders’ is:

1st Place – 3333 TRX

2nd Place – 2666 TRX

3rd Place – 2000 TRX

4th Place – 1166 TRX

5th Place – 833 TRX

6 – 50th Place – 333 TRX

51 – 100 Place – 200 TRX

In order to win these TRX, one has to follow Justin Sun on Twitter and Tron Foundation on Instagram, retweet Justin’s post, and refer a friend that will get you one point for each activity.

Another big news shared by Justin Sun just a few hours back is the block height of Tron blockchain reaching 1000000 in just a month.

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Tron virtual machine (TVM) is here  

After mainnet launch, another big day for the Tron community is here with TVM launch. Built by Tron foundation with the aim to make its ecosystem bigger and better, this will be an upgraded version of TVM. As defined by the Tron Foundation on its official blog,

a Virtual Machine, “is an operating system (OS) or application environment that emulates a computer system (dedicated hardware).”

Tron Virtual Machine is compatible with the VM of Ethereum that will allow Ethereum developers to compile and adjust their existing codes so that smart contracts in Ethereum can be ported to Tron easily.

After DApps testing, they will be uploaded to Tron Mainnet and run on its SR nodes’ TVM so that public can access it. Tron is also planning to make it compatible with other VMs like EOS as well.

One of the most important features of TVM is that it will use bandwidth, unlike EVM that depends on gas. This means transaction and smart contract operation are free on Tron platform. It will also offer “much larger flexibility” to developers while solving the shortcomings of other systems that will ‘attract a lot of developers into TRON”.

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