OmiseGO CEO Jun Hasegawa Sees a Bright Future for Ethereum in Coming Two Years

Jun Hasegawa, the founder, and CEO at OmiseGO, a billion-dollar blockchain network that works on top of the Ethereum protocol, foresees massive scaling and adoption of Ethereum by 2020, as he outlines the future of Ethereum and the roadmap of its growth over the next two years.

2020 is the year when Ethereum scales up

Jun using his twitter handle gave out a probable roadmap showing where Ethereum is headed. He was really optimistic yet realistic as he had all praises for the worlds second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. According to him its year 2019 when Ethereum will find its real business adoption and the DApps on its blockchain will rise. Following which in 2020 Ethereum will massively scale up as its adoption would increase as the coin would become more mainstream.

He ends his tweet by saying

“ We will see a huge difference between real adoptable protocol and toxic speculation project.”

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Vitalik’s Ethereum and Jun’s OmiseGo close allies

For those who are unfamiliar OmiseGO is an Ethereum based project that wants to both on “bank the unbanked” and “unbank the banked”. They plan to do this by offering a number of mobile wallet solutions and high-speed and low-cost transactions of all sorts of different kinds of value including fiat currencies.

OMG, the native currency of OmiseGO, is the only Coin Vitalik Buterin has backed and has even publicly vocalized his support for the OmiseGo platform on twitter:


  • In November 2017, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin, who has also advised OmiseGo since last year, said that the $500 billion market cap of cryptocurrencies cannot be justified without demonstrating huge impact on the traditional finance sector and the full potential of blockchain technology.
  • In March 2018 OmiseGO and Vitalik Buterin had also joined hands to donate $1 million of OMG tokens directly to a refugee charity that helps stateless people living in extreme poverty.
  • In June 2018 Vitalik also showed up on  OmiseGO AMA (Ask Me Anything), where he discusses Ethereum Scalability, future of the network, two technologies, sharding, and Plasma.

OmiseGo’s team has also heavily invested in the integration of the Ethereum Plasma scaling solution – a non-proprietary community effort that aims to optimize smart contract execution on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is also leading the development of Plasma, something that Jun also has posted in its tweet’ roadmap and something that would OmiseGo platform to compete with established payment processing services.

With both Ethereum and OmiseGO and their respective founders Vitalik and Jun, have been working together and share a fantastic relationship, Jun’s tweet becomes really meaningful as he has first-hand insights on not only the way things are progressing in the crypto industry but also but also how Vitalik and his plans for Ethereum are a progression

Will Vitalik and Ethereum succeed in delivering on lines of Jun Hasegawa prediction? Do let us know your views on the same.

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