Tron [TRX] Accelerated Growth Brings it in Close Competition with Ethereum

Justin Sun of Tron informed the community that the total number of accounts on #TRON MainNet have exceeded 100 thousand and the block height has already reached 1100078 with 368 online nodes. Sun also anticipates that once the official Tron Virtual Machine is launched this number would rise further exponentially.

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Once a “Father-Son” relationship is soon to become the competition of equals. The son being, TRX as it was launched on the Father’s platform which was Ethereum and as per family tree remained an ERC20 token till it moved to its MainNet. And It looks like the son is slowing increasing its pace and could soon outperform its father.

Tron- The promising altcoin is now seemed to deliver

Operational since September 2017, Tron is regarded among the most promising altcoins in the market, making waves in the digital entertainment industry. As a part of the Ethereum blockchain project, Tron has seen a meteoric rise in the crypto world. The coin has attracted the limelight right from the start, prompting many investors to switch their investment options.

After a year-long wait, Tron’s MainNet finally went live in June, which was termed as “Independence Day” by the Tron team including Justin Sun. This also put Tron to test as an independent token and slowly started being regarded as an “Ethereum Killer.” Boasting of the 100 million DApp user, Sun was also quoted saying that the MainNet which will see the migration of Tron’s users and its token from ERC20 (Ethereum ecosystem) will make Tron a better cryptocurrency in the globe.

Continuing its efforts towards being the best Tron has been up and doing with sundry of developments. Tron’s recognition and viability in the local market have also been upgraded with the acceptance it got as a payment option from a local garage in the UK and a taxi driver in Spain. In another breakthrough news, one of the world largest X-rated video sites, Pornhub partnered with Tron, accepting the altcoin’s token, TRX as a virtual payment option. This was followed up by a major news, as Sun announced that the altcoin has acquired BitTorrent, and its 100 million users and supporters will now be part of Tron’s family. He also proclaimed that the acquisition of BitTorrent has in fact made Tron 80 times faster than Ethereum, and now the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world.

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Vitalik vs. Justin – A heavyweight knockdown competition of the crypto world

Justin Sun, Tron’s Founder and Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum have been in a sought of the fight against each other and both have been seen hurling verbal punches on each other. It all begin on the April Fool’s day when Buterin mocked the Tron Foundation with his tweet, reminding them of the plagiarism blames that the team when through in January.

Vitalik’s tweet didn’t go well Justin as he retaliated with a tweet a week later comparing how Tron was better than Ether.

Vitalik instantly retaliated again mocking Justin of the White paper plagiarism but replying back on the tweet where here said  “Better white paper writing capability (Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V much higher efficiency than keyboard typing new content)”

Justin got back to Vitalik saying that just because of these comments from Vitalik, Tron gets inspired to become abetter-decentralizedd platform. He also reminded Vitalik that the project is testing its MainNet.

This fight is what made Justin name its MainNet shift as an “Independence Day” from Ethereum.

With the first numbers that Justin has released, Tron seems to be on track to take on Ethereum head on. How sooner or later this will be possible is something one needs to see. Wilt Ethereum continue its dominance or will Tron take over in this battle of decentralized platforms.   

Who will be the winner of this fight ultimately, the patient but deadly Sun will win, or will the beyond aggressive Buterin get the better of this? Do let us know your views on the same.

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