Verge [XVG] Join Hands with Pundi X [NPXS] for Mass Adoption

Verge (XVG) has collaborated with Pundi X for latter’s Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that makes buying, storing, and integrating cryptos and currencies fast, easy and simple which is another step forward in the direction of mass adoption.

Verge [XVG] integrates with Pundi X’s point of sale (POS) solution

Verge has been making constant efforts towards widespread adoption which is this cryptocurrency’s main goal. In its latest attempt, Verge has partnered up with another cryptocurrency Pundi X.

In yet another step in the direction of adoption, Verge said in its official announcement,

“Verge Currency is proud to announce its integration with the Pundi X ecosystem across the world.”

The Point of Sale (POS) solution of the PundiX is working on making buying products with cryptocurrencies at local stores easy and simple just like “buying a bottle of water”.

One of the biggest challenges faced by cryptocurrencies in going mainstream is the ease of paying with cryptos. Now, Pundi X’s POS solution is bringing the “simplicity and convenience that a regular customer needs to fulfill the requirement of purchasing goods at a local store.”

Though Verge currency offers fast and autonomous payments between two parties, there is a time-consuming process involved that requires a customer to purchase XVG through an exchange.

Now, vendors that accept XVG will be relying on POS software to convert the price from fiat to Verge and then a transaction will be performed.

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Verge [XVG] just got more convenient

“With Verge integration to the Pundi X POS solutions, any physical store owner around the globe can now accept Verge. Customers can buy, sell or pay with Verge by using the Pundi X mobile app or the Pundi X card.”

Pundi X basically provides a solution to three problems viz. buying cryptocurrency, using cryptos and integration of fiat currencies.

This partnership with PundiX has now made buying Verge “extremely simple” as a customer can even top-up Verge. These transactions are also instantaneous that will reflect in your account almost immediately.

“Pundi X not only supports cryptocurrencies, it also supports payment with fiat currencies. A single POS terminal allows you to simply accept cryptocurrencies and fiat. It provides other services like loyalty programs and running offers. It all ties back to convenience, not just for customers but also for store owners.”

Additionally, an XPASS card that is a multi-currency secure card equivalent of a debit card is also available which allows one to spend and store Verge along with other currencies that are integrated with PundiX system.

With a market cap of $337 million, Verge (XVG) holds 36th position while Pundi X has a market cap of $200 million. This collaboration would lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies which is one of the primary facets to add value to the crypto market in the long term.

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