IMMO High1000 Guide: Can Mortals Get Into the Ranks of the Crypto-Elite?

For the past several months the cryptocurrency community has been discussing the IMMO reserve cryptocurrency project. At different times, in one or another way IMMO topics involving influential personalities as Vitalik Buterin, Lon Wong, Jimmy Song, Tim Draper, Simon Cocking and other experts were coming out. According to some media reports, some of the employees of G20 financial ministries are also monitoring the development of IMMO.

What is so unusual about IMMO that has attracted the attention of so many influential experts and has become a subject of discussion at the level of finance ministries? Until recently, this could have only been guessed. But thanks to a newly leaked internal document, we have the opportunity to learn some details about the mysterious project. The IMMO project is a reserve cryptocurrency, which is basically secured by valuable resources. This, however, could end: another competitor of the fiduciary monetary system, which wants to turn the world upside down and establish its order. To allow the slightest success in the implementation of the objectives of IMMO would be impossible, if not for one fact…

Management and development of IMMO will gather High1000 – a decentralized cryptocurrency community consisting of experts and evangelists

As it became known from the published document, the main governing body of IMMO will be High1000. High1000 will vote for certain changes in IMMO, being the guarantor of the rights of all investors in the project. Members of this community will receive bonuses depending on their level of involvement and awareness of the project. But it is not so easy to get into High1000, as only existing members can process and approve incoming applications and this is possible only if certain criteria are met.

Is this community not available for ordinary mortals of the cryptocurrency world? Or High1000’s role in the concept of IMMO has inflated and the authority of its members is exaggerated? I’m going to find out answers to those questions empirically, by going through all the procedures that are prerequisite to join and get a certain rank within the High1000.

 Step one: Filling the Application Form

It was not too difficult to find at least some traces leading to IMMO. Even prior to my research, a company called IMMO.FOUNDATION with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, could be found on LinkedIn. The company description contained a link that leads to a website where an application for the High1000 membership can be submitted.

White logo and text on a black background: simple, strict and without any unnecessary words

Within a few minutes, I filled the application form, which consisted of 15 steps. The first three questions asked me to specify my name and a surname, current occupation, and experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. The fourth question, however, got me thinking:

immo 2

Question 4: Never before have I thought that I have done something great for the cryptocurrency market: can my articles published in various crypto-media be perceived as an achievement? Subjectively.

In addition to people unfamiliar with the details of the project, there are probably those who decide to leave the platform without requesting to join the High1000 after reading the official documents of IMMO. I, the crypto-noob, am acquainted only with the information that has leaked into the public domain.


Question 5: The most mysterious project asks me if I am familiar with the details of their mystery. At first I thought it was a joke.

The sixth question was the first ray of hope in this questionnaire. As it turned out, one can join the High1000 only through experts and evangelists that are already part of the team. Perhaps as a major investor or a popular opinion leader, you can book a place in the IMMO community. Even if you do not fit into any of the mentioned categories, you can offer a unique contribution to the project and explain what is it that you can contribute with by ticking the line “Other”.


Question 6: it turns out that there are several roles of High1000 participants: Investor, Influencer, Advisor and PR.

It is logical to assume that your chances of acceptance in the IMMO High1000 increase if you are recommended by one of the currently existing members. Unfortunately, I do not know any of them personally.


Question 8: in the crypto-community, everyone knows each other, and if you do not know any of the members of the High1000-you are an outsider.

In the process of filling out the form, I was offered to read the Public Offer and Privacy Policy. I left my email and links to my social networks. At the conclusion of the application with my careless signature, I assured that all the information provided by me is true.

Step two: Study of Official Documents

Eight and a half hours after I finished filling out the application form, I received an email from I was offered to read the official documents: IMMO Essence and IMMO Code.


It is noteworthy that IMMO uses the unusual terminology of Essence, Code, and Manifest for the name of its documents.

 IMMO Essence – what is called a One-Pager. This document turned out to be the source of information that was leaked last month. But only this time, significantly more information has been revealed to me: 4 pages of the document describe the key features of IMMO, its legal structure, the tokenomics, and the High1000 community overall. “World reserve cryptocurrency secured by intrinsic values” – this inscription is located at the bottom of the first sheet. Here yet one more remarkable fact: “legally backed by Deloitte”.

The information that opens the second page of the document is a direct confirmation of recent rumors that IMMO is basically a traditional system of fiduciary relations – trust.


The scheme describes the interaction of PARTICIPANTS of the IMMO ecosystem

The third page of the document describes the IMMO token physics, and the fourth page is devoted to the IMMO High1000. In the section — High1000, I became aware of the fact that the base of thousands of participants would be transparent and publicly available. Participants will have the right to vote as well as the right to purchase a token in each distribution round at the best price. 10% of all emitted tokens will be airdropped solely across High1000 members.

IMMO High1000 Code is a 15-page document that describes the rules, rights/privileges and selection criteria of membership into the High1000. As it became known from this document, High1000 participants are divided into 4 categories: IMMO Evangelists, IMMO Investors, 101-300 and 301-1000. Each group has its own unique selection criteria, benefits, and requirements. For example, this is the requirement for accession in the most respectable group:

– Be the speaker at the largest crypto-conferences (Blockshow, Consensus, Devcon3 etc.)).
– Rated within the Top-50 on crypto sites
– Adviser or the first person of technological, financial or crypto companies or start-ups preaching an innovative approach to business.
– A large amount of followers across social networks.

Step three: Filling out a Second Application Form

I already thought that I was forgotten, but after 3 days I received yet another letter from the same email address:


I was offered to fill out the second form after I have studied the documents I was sent to study

 I was re-acquainted with the part of the High1000 Code, then had to identify a group I wish to belong to. Of course, it is logical one would target the Evangelists group. I had to prove and justify why do I wish to belong to this specific group.

With each question in the application my chances were reduced:

Question 6: “Please specify what crypto conferences have you already spoken at. At what conferences will you been speaking this year?”

Question 7: ” Are you on the list of top experts on any crypto ratings (ICOBench, ICODrops etc.)?”

Question 8: “Have you ever been an advisor?”

Question 9: “Do you have a large community of followers across social networks or other media sources?”

If I were in a crypto-party, the last question would be a lifeline to me: “do you have recommendations from existing members of High1000?” For example, as a young and very ambitious journalist who has just started achieving unprecedented heights, but is already familiar with a number of crypto-experts, I could get a place in High1000. But I’m not in the party, and I’m not recommended.

Let me answer the question that I’ve asked earlier in the title: getting into the High1000 is not that easy. You should not expect that your application will be approved if you do not have popularity and merits in crypto community. In order to get into a serious community set up for and by serious guys, one has to go through a serious selection process

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