Nano Finishes a Successful Network Stress Testing and Adds Bitcoin Superstore Support

While there was the joy of crypto street because of the bullish party, Nano investors had two more reasons to add up to their excitement. Nano scaled and hovered around the USD 2 mark on the back of two positive news for the coin. The Nano community successfully conducted the Stress Test for its Beta Network v15 recording high TPS which was followed by Nano’s addition to Bitcoin Superstore bring a use case to the coin.

Nano successfully conducts a beta network stress test

On August 17th, Nano stress tested is network version 15 which it had launched last week. The test seems to be quite successful as users reported an average sustained TPS of 75 over 30 minutes with a reported peak of 756 blocks/second. Nano thanked all the participants in the beta network stress test.    

The company has been regularly tweeting updates on v15 of its network since it has gone life from Aug 12.

On Aug 15 as part of its midweek update, Nano had tweeted that Testing of v15 on the beta network has been going great. We’ve seen a drastic decrease in bandwidth due to the new Vote by the Hash system. There are just a few days of testing left and we look forward to its release at the end of the week!

Users who were part of the stress test also reported on Reddit saying that their results were good and didn’t face any crash. A user named Johansson posted the following post regarding his test result which was significantly good.

“My own results from measuring block count of local node every 10 sec (ignoring unchecked blocks). Please don’t take this too seriously. The first peak is probably because lots of unchecked blocks got solved and the second peak is because I got disconnected from my node and then came back up.

1 hour average 14.00-15.00 GMT: 77 TPS

1 min average 14.35-14.36 GMT: 988.78 TPS

10 sec average 14:35:36-14:35:46 5730.3 TPS”

Nano v15.0 is Now Marked 100% Complete on Github signifying the end of testing.

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Nano use case increases as Bitcoin superstore opens support

After addition of TRX last week Bitcoin super store added Nano to the list of cryptocurrencies it accepts to buy products and services. This gives a significant use case to Nano in the real world as Nano holders can now buy from nearly any online retailer worldwide. Bitcoin Superstore tweeted about the same.

Bitcoin Superstore is a legitimate company registered in the State of Florida, USA and prides itself on integrity and customer service. It allows users to buy nearly any item from any Online Retailer to the likes Amazon, Google Express,, and ANY other online retailer who does not charge a membership fee by using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The website also guarantees fast delivery and matches Amazon, Google Express, and Walmart’s Two-Day Shipping speeds along with all other retailer shipping speeds. The company use to accept Bitcoins but has recently added Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, and XRP increasing use case of cryptocurrencies into real-world businesses The store stands to be important as it is one of the few players that bring cryptocurrency usage to mainstream businesses. The company now claims its goal is to add one new coin each week and also open for suggestion.

With a super strong network and a formidable use case, Nano definitely is having a great patch of success that every other crypto coin dreams of. Nano definitely looks a bright coin in the long run and surely one that could stay in the long run

Will Nano be as successful as its counterparts? Do let us know your views on the same.

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