IOTA in Action: World’s First Smart Charging Station, Training Course & eToro Addition Goes Live

The first charging station that allows charging and paying through IOTA has been released while its training course gets available on one of the biggest tech learning platform Pluralsight. IOTA price also got active as carIOTA II went on a test trip.

IOTA charging station is here & carIOTA II on a test trip

IOTA has been constantly making developments, achieving adoption while its price keeps on seeing action as well. Not long ago, IOTA got listed on Upbit as it launched its IOTA hub for easier and smooth exchange integration.

Now as shared by ota_at on Twitter,

About which, one Redditor shared,

“So he’s got DevIOTA’s (Semkodev’s) full node software Hercules running on a raspberry pi, which he’s got mounted in his car. It looks like they’re connecting the node to the car so that data can be stored securely on the tangle and checked from the laptop (this is my best guess). That’s about all this tweet reveals, but implicitly there’s more to this application that they’ll announce later.”

Additionally, eToro added IOTA to expand the list of its crypto assets:

Also, the first charging station in the world has been released by ElaadNL that allows the charging and paying through IOTA in a machine-to-machine manner. This is part of the company’s new test site where a charging island, two charging lanterns, a fast charger, a battery and the IOTA charger are available in a public area of Netherlands.

This charging station doesn’t require any communication protocol or back office to operate rather works completely autonomously. Moreover, the meter value gets stored in the Tangle every 15 minutes that according to ElaadNL “might be a perfect fit in the future connected and the fully digitalized world.”

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IOTA training course on pluralsight & MIOTA price movement

The charger is basically equipped with a hardware to set up a TCP/IP connection with a car, however, if cars don’t have the required hardware and software, “they can still simply charge their car by sending IOTA tokens directly to the charger using the normal IOTA wallet.”

Alisa Maas, the Head of Mobility at IOTA Foundation shared her views on this development:

“IOTA is thrilled to see ElaadNL take their IOTA smart charging station development to the next level. This solution demystifies IOTA’s potential to become the backbone for the Machine Economy. Thanks to ElaadNL’s cutting-edge innovation, seamless e-mobility is taking one big leap forward and we look forward to sharing this achievement with the rest of our growing ecosystem, at the crossroads of mobility, energy, and smart cities sectors.”

Another development came into the form of IOTA training course being available on one of the largest technology learning platform, Pluralsight. Offering the IOTA Fundamentals, a beginner level course, it covers a practical introduction to IOTA and the Tangle that allows one to learn the basics of IOTA as well as how to make use of the IOTA APIs to create their own applications.


When it comes to the price movement, in the past week, IOTA has jumped from $0.413 to $0.568. Yesterday has been a pretty good day for IOTA as it experienced a surge of 16 percent. However, despite being in the green today, as you can see in the chart, IOTA started at a good note but then constantly moved down.×140.png 300w,×358.png 768w,×477.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1178px) 100vw, 1178px”>

With a market cap of $1.4 billion, it has been managing the daily trading volume of over $49 million. At the time of writing, the world’s 11th largest cryptocurrency has been exchanging hands at $0.513 with 0.65 percent gains.

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