Former Ethereum Foundation Adviser Joins Kin Ecosystem Board of Directors

William Mougayar, a former Ethereum Foundation adviser, has joined the board of directors at the Kin Ecosystem Foundation.

Kin Welcomes Mougayar

Mougayar is an investor, author of “The Business Blockchain” and founder of The Token Summit. He is also the manager of WMX, a cryptocurrency index fund, and is planning to become the managing partner of a blockchain division at Jabre Capital Partners, according to an official press release.

In his new role, Mougayar will advise the foundation on the development of the Kin Rewards Engine, membership and security.

In a press release, Mougayar said:

“I have been involved with King since the early stages of the project in 2017, as it continues along the path to become the cryptocurrency for consumer apps. Kin has a unique value proposition, as it unlocks new growth and monetization strategies for developers, and based on its first integrations, I truly believe that Kin will drive mainstream consumer adoption of cryptocurrency.”

Beyond the Kin Ecosystem Foundation, Mougayar is an adviser or board member at blockchain organizations including OpenBazaar, Coin Center, Steem, Stratumn, and Bloq.

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation

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The Kin Ecosystem Foundation is a Canada-based, non-profit corporation established for the governance of the Kin cryptocurrency, which facilitates transactions within the Kik mobile messenger app.

The Foundation also aims to grow an open ecosystem of digital services as well as oversee the Kin Ecosystem.

Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kin and Kik, and Kin Ecosystem Foundation board member, said in a press release:

“I am thrilled for William to join the foundation’s board of directors. As we work toward making Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world, the foundation and the Kin Ecosystem will directly benefit from his wealth of knowledge, as he continues to be on the cutting edge of the blockchain industry.”

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