Ripple Making Headway, Another Court Case Victory & Adding to Cross-Border Payment Partners

Ripple is marching towards massive adoption as it keeps on adding new names to its long list of partnerships while successfully overcoming the obstacles of court cases, step by step.

Ripple gets a relief

Ripple gets the substantial limelight, some for the right reasons and some for not so right ones as it constantly tangles up in legal matters.

In the ongoing case between Ripple and plaintiff Vladi Zakinov, the Supreme Court of the State of California gave into the Ripple’s request, having replaced Judge Marie S. Weiner and assigned the case to Judge Richart H. DuBois.

The basis for this case was XRP being controlled by Ripple, that was filed in January. Just last week, Ripple asked for the disqualification of Judge Marie S. Weiner as Ripple won’t be able to receive a fair trial before her as shared by Leonidas on Twitter:

Also, just recently, the lawsuit filed by Ryan Coffey against Ripple Labs Inc. was concluded in favor of Ripple. Ryan Coffey had filed a motion in May claiming that Ripple was dealing in a “never-ending ICO” and demanded compensation for losses incurred on his XRP investment.

The court issued a ruling in favor of the defendant claiming,

“Having read the papers filed by the parties and carefully considered their arguments and the relevant legal authority, and good cause appearing, the court hereby DENIES plaintiff’s motion.”

Later on, earlier this week, Ryan dropped the case for reasons unknown.

These cases have been a sharp thorn in Ripple’s side as the company keeps on clarifying and emphasizing that XRP is decentralized and is not affected or controlled by Ripple.

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Ripple marching forward, keep on adding new names

Partnerships are one of Ripple’s strong suit and including big names like SBI Holdings and Standard Chartered among a number of others surely gives the company behind the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency an edge in the market.

Recently, Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas stated xRapid is being tested by American Express which has the XRP investors and enthusiasts excited. Being one of the largest financial corporations in the world, AMEX joining Ripple will lead to a huge boost in its acceptance.

Moreover, though the news is not something new, it definitely shows that Ripple is constantly moving forward with its developments. According to the most recent Tweet shared by Bank XRP about Standard Chartered Bank conducting “cross-border payments over RippleNet” has been much appreciated by the XRP enthusiasts.

Though this partnership was initiated in May, this was a quick reminder of the fact that Ripple is on its goal. Also, with Ripple targeting China and Mercury FX confirming that they are soon going to test the cross-border bank payments in the country, big things are coming for the XRP and Ripple community.

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