Report: Miner Spends Only $1567 per BTC

Report: Miner Spends Only $1567 per BTC

Electricity is the number one cost for cryptocurrency mining, giving an edge to whoever can secure it for the lowest price. Bitfarms, which has access to cheap renewable energy in Canada, reports that mining a single BTC cost the company just $1567 in the first half of the year.

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$1567 Per BTC

Report: Miner Spends Only $1567 per BitcoinTel Aviv Stock Exchange listed firm

Bitfarms Technologies Ltd. (TASE: BLLCF), today reported its consolidated results for the half-year period which ended June 30, 2018. The report shows that the company generated 1,923 BTC, 2,222 BCH, 3,324 LTC, 567 ETH and 220 DASH during the first six months of 2018. And the figures also reveal that it cost Bitfarms just $1567 to mine each BTC.

Financial highlights for the period include mining operations segment revenue of $21.1 million, gross profit of $12.3 million (58% gross profit margin), gross mining profit of $17 million (80% gross mining margin), operating income of $8.1 million (38% operating margin), EBITDA of $13.9M (66% EBITDA margin) and net income of $6.2 million. Bitfarms also executed an acquisition of a company with 40 electricians specialized in building infrastructure for computing centers, and installed over 6,500 ASICs at a St. Hyacinthe, Quebec facility producing about 91 PH/s of hash power.

Low-Cost, Clean Energy

Bitfarms has bought land and two industrial properties in Sherbrooke, Quebec where it plans to build a “mega-facility”. It negotiated energy purchasing agreements with Hydro-Sherbrooke to secure 98 MW of low-cost electricity, enough to grow its mining operation five times their current size. The company also reports it completed the Report: Miner Spends Only $1567 per Bitcoinconstruction of leasehold improvements and installation of all electrical infrastructure for a new 10MW facility in Magog, Quebec.


“We are very proud of the tremendous progress made in the first half of Fiscal 2018,” commented CEO Wes Fulford. “Through disciplined execution and responsible financial management, our team has successfully completed several key initiatives that align with our strategic objectives of securing low-cost, clean energy, growing mining infrastructure and operations, vertically integrating to minimize dependence on costly third-party service providers and exploring exciting new business verticals within blockchain technology. Contrary to industry trends, we achieved strong revenues and robust margins throughout the period. Our impressive cost structure, enabled by long-term, affordable electricity and real-estate leasing costs, allows us to maintain profitability during periods of volatile cryptocurrency pricing. We are committed to executing our vision as we strengthen Bitfarms’ position as a leading player within the global blockchain industry.”

Does access to cheap energy guarantee that mining will support the development of renewable sources? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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