Top Management and Engineering Institutions in India to Adopt Blockchain Technology Courtesy of Lynked.World.

Accessing digital ID cards and other vital information is about to get a lot easier for students across India this year. Many educational institutions in the country have adopted the Lynked.World app to help deliver administrative services to their students more readily and easily.

The platform, which is available through Google Play and the App Store, allows users to take full control of their personal identification data. With the app, people can securely manage things like their passport, driver’s licenses, medical information, educational achievements and much more in one convenient wallet.

Blockchain technology drives the Lynked.World ecosystem, so users can store digitally authenticated documents right on their mobile devices. They can then effortlessly authorize access to legal information to any entities, like potential employers, schools, or businesses as needed. ID verification is performed through the platform’s peer-to-peer network, and once it is completed documents can be shared via a unique QR code. No central entity ever maintains copies of documents.

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Educational institutions across India recognize that implementing the Lynked.World platform into their administrative operations will help them to maintain the integrity of their records-keeping, which is vital for preserving excellent organizational reputations with employers and others around the world.

Premiere institutions in the country like the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad plan to issue digital identity card for their employees and students and also issue digital certificates using Lynked.World solutions as pilot projects.

Institutions of higher learning and regulatory bodies like the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Lincoln University College, Malaysia, and the Bengal Institute of Technology & Management will use the app to issue digital ID cards to their students and employees, as well as semester results and digital certificates, and they will administer admission applications using the configurable form features in Lynked.World.

Meanwhile, public schools like GD Goenka Public School and Nirmal Bhartia School, both in New Delhi, will use the app’s Parent Group Notification capability in addition to the platform’s other features. Some schools will also use the School Attendance System.


Arun Kumar, who is founder and CEO of Lynked.World, says the platform will make administering student records and other important information much easier for both students and institutions worldwide. “People live and work globally nowadays, and so digitally verified documentation is the future of data management,” he argues. “Long lines and complicated administration processes make students’ lives more difficult, especially as they’re trying to access their records to share for employment or other purposes. Lynked.World helps education administrations deliver streamlined services, without requiring students to be physically present with ID in hand. Whether students are requesting digital IDs for access to institutional services, their semester records, or filling out application forms, our platform will help expedite the process and will let students focus on learning rather than onerous administrative requirements.”

The platform will be powered by the LYNK utility token. Token sales begin on November 15, 2018, and will finish on February 10, 2019. Tokens will have a base price of $0.35, with a $25 million hard cap.

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