CoinBundle Launches, Allows Users to Invest in Pre-Selected Portfolios

CoinBundle Launches, Allows Users to Invest in Pre-Selected Portfolios

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CoinBundle has launched its curated crypto investment service. The platform’s defining feature will be pre-selected cryptocurrency bundles, which will allow investors to quickly invest in combinations of coins. According to the press release:

“CoinBundle launched its investment platform today that enables users to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies easily instead of single coins. Users can invest in curated bundles based on their risk profiles and investment strategies with one click for the first time. Investments will be stored securely with a qualified custodian and insured against theft by Lloyds of London.”

Right now, users can invest in three different bundles that align with their preferred level of risk: Conservative, Aggressive, and Emerging. Other themed bundles (Eco-Friendly, Halal, and Asian Tigers) will arrive on CoinBundle soon.

Competing Platforms

Bundles (sometimes called “baskets”) are similar to model investment profiles, and they are becoming a popular feature in the crypto world. Platforms such as Set Protocol, Flipside Crypto, and WandX have attempted to offer features similar to those that CoinBundle is offering.

That means CoinBundle will have plenty of competition. As notes, these tools are growing in popularity:

“2018’s big token trend is crypto baskets. These comprise curated suites of digital assets, often based around a specific theme, that can be purchased via a single token or on a crypto exchange with a single click.”

CoinBundle is competing by following in the footsteps of bigger platforms: it has secured a number of Coinbase’s original investors (Incidentally, Coinbase also has a similar feature, an Index Fund. However, this service only covers major coins and costs at least $250,000, while CoinBundle offers bundles for as little as $10).

CoinBundle has additionally brought on advisers from various firms and institutions, including Sage Asset Management, McKinsey and Company, and the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program.

The platform is also working to become an international success: 165 different countries will have access to CoinBundle’s airdrop program, BundleRewards. Additionally, CoinBundle is attempting to provide the first ever crypto ETFs in various countries, as U.S. regulations are currently proving to be an obstacle to Bitcoin ETFs in the platform’s home country.

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Is Diversifying Worthwhile?

Curated investment choices allow investors to diversify their investments. This may be an invaluable feature due to the vast amount of coins that exist — over 1600 cryptos are in circulation, which is too many for any one person to analyze. However, some argue that diversified crypto investments are not quite as effective as they may seem to be:

“The rest of the cryptocurrency market shares close correlation to Bitcoin …Until a decoupling occurs and discrete coins begin to dance to their respective market tunes, holding multiple cryptocurrencies doesn’t equate to a diversified portfolio.”

That said, Coinbundle has accumulated many marks in its favor, and it seems to have correctly observed that bundles and baskets are a rising trend. Time will tell whether that trend will be a stable one.

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