Pixel Master: A Public Canvas That Pays Out EOS

Pixel Master: A Public Canvas That Pays Out EOS

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A new app created by EOS ASIA has been released, and it acts as a public canvas that users can draw pixel art on top of:

“The power is in the algorithm! PIXEL MASTER starts with a blank 1000×1000 pixel canvas. As soon as you, the user, starts to draw on the canvas, you become one of the canvas owners.”

The EOS-based dApp is similar to Reddit Place, another pixel canvas that ran last year. An earlier predecessor, the Million Dollar Homepage, was created in 2005.

Since “real estate” on a canvas is limited, these sites quickly spawned clones, and Pixel Master is no exception: other groups will soon launch their own version of the game.

According to a Telegram post by EOSGO, EOS ASIA has open-sourced the game’s code due to legal concerns, which will allow other incarnations of Pixel Master to be launched by the community:

“Two other groups have expressed their interest in launching their version of the game. It has yet to be seen what spin they will put on the popular game.”

You can view the current canvas at PixelMaster.io (may be NSFW).

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Reward Scheme

Unlike its predecessors, Pixel Master will reward participants with EOS tokens. Daniel Larimer, the founder of Steemit and Bitshares and the current CTO of EOS, has commented that the platform has its “economics well thought out.”

Pixel prices begin at 0.05 EOS (~$0.29 USD), and anyone who draws on the canvas will pay EOS to previous artists. Each subsequent artist pays 1.35 times the previous price of their desired pixels. The fee is divided between participants, developers, RAM providers, and a prize pot.

The game will end 24 hours after the last pixel is purchased. When this happens, the last user to purchase space will win the pot, which is made up of 25% of the game’s entire proceeds. The game has been running strong since yesterday’s launch, so it is difficult to say when it will end.

Although the app has obvious precursors, it is nevertheless innovative. EOS dApps are currently dominated by cryptocollectibles and gambling, both of which are mostly chance-based. Games such as Pixel Master provide participants with free reign while nevertheless maintaining the appeal of prizes and rewards.

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