‘I Call Bullsh*t’: Tone Vays Leads Criticism Of EOS After Four Execs Resign

Suspicions were running high over EOS once again September 26 after four senior executives resigned from parent company Block.one to start a spin-off venture.

Block.one: Four Execs, Two Contractors Walk

The latest episode in the chequered history of both the platform and Block.one, now ex-senior vice president of tech operations David Moss led an exodus to create StrongBlock.io, a mysterious EOS-related outfit about which few details have surfaced.

With Moss as CEO, StrongBlock has also poached infrastructure president Brian Abramson, senior director of technology products Corey J. Lederer and vice president of product Tom Cox.


“I was responsible for getting EOS – the decentralized blockchain operating system – out the door,” Moss writes in a retrospective LinkedIn description of his role.

…I also was interim Head of Developer Relations, meeting with hundreds of companies exploring building on EOS. It was an honor to be a part of building this historic blockchain ecosystem.

EOS has suffered heavily in recent months, losing 75 percent of its market cap since May and facing criticism over its allegedly decentralized governance system and the slow rate at which it rolled out its product.

As CoinDesk noted discussing the personnel maneuvers, Moss had already described the fledgling StrongBlock concept as “a custom [Boeing] 787 factory” while EOS was simply “a Boeing 787.”

Vays: StrongBlock Will Repeat EOS Controversy

News of the resignations, which also include two contractors, has sparked a fresh round of vocal panning on social media. Veteran trader Tone Vays led the charge, writing on Twitter he thought one of the Block.one leavers’ reason for hopping to Block.one was “bullshit.”


CoinDesk had quoted the anonymous party as saying the executives “left because we saw a need in the blockchain marketplace that Block.one was not going to address.”

“I call Bullshit: (The) reason all these guys (are) leaving is (because) they too want to print their own money via yet another useless centralized (ICO) layer while people (are) still too dumb to understand that (EOS) is just another centralized project & (CEO Daniel Larimer) will do same – again,” he commented.

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