Bitnovo Announces Support For Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitnovo Announces Support For Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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Bitnovo, the company behind Bitcard and N26, has just announced support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As of September 27, users of both services can make payments or load their cards with Bitcoin Cash alongside its other longstanding currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), DASH (DASH), or Ethereum (ETH).

Expanding Their Boundaries

As reported by, chief marketing officer of Bitnovo, Roberta Quintiliano, commented on the addition:

“From today, holders of Bitcard and a N26 account can now top them up easily in Bitnovo platform with Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, it will be possible to use bitcoin cash as payment methods to purchase all the Bitnovo services.”

The decision to support BCH comes after many other companies are doing the same. Right now, Dish Network satellite TV service accepts Bitcoin Cash as an alternative to fiat payments, with support in over 200 countries.

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Bitcard is a debit card that quickly converts fiat currencies into crypto. Right now, it only supports euro conversions, but the technology provides an alternative to relying on banks.

N26, on the other hand, provides a mobile-based banking service that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies. The company also supplies Bitcoin ATMs across the world, alongside Bitcoin vouchers and pre-paid cards for streamlined gifting of digital assets.

“With our card, we allow (users) to change bitcoin … to the currency of legal tender that you have associated with your debit card,” says Bitnovo. “In this way, at any time, you can count on cash or your card thanks to the value of your cryptocurrency.”

Live since 2015, Bitnovo has also begun to accept privacy token Verge (XVG) as a payment option as well. Bitnovo’s services, such as Bitpay, are precisely what the industry needs to push Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Accessibility is arguably the most significant factor standing in the way of adoption, so any streamlining is a big positive for the industry.

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