Caitlin Long and Saifedean Ammous Debate the Future of Cryptocurrency

Caitlin Long and Saifedean Ammous Debate the Future of Cryptocurrency

The newest episode of What Bitcoin Did features a debate between two crypto advocates with a strong economic background, Caitlin Long and Dr. Saifedean “Saife” Ammous. It was loosely moderated by regular host Peter McCormack and the discussion was lively.

Caitlin Long, a recurring guest with the podcast network, has been involved with Wall Street financial banking for more than 20 years and has been a firm advocate for cryptocurrency since 2012. Dr. Saifedean “Saife” Ammous, on the other hand, comes from a more academic background and has been a professor of economics for several years. Having embedded himself in the space for several years, Ammous is also the author of a book on cryptocurrency and economics, “The Bitcoin Standard.”

These two experts share many views about the direction of cryptocurrency and the greater financial industry, approaching the issue from wholly different spheres that still go on to influence popular thought in economic theory. Although the two come from different backgrounds, Long claimed that “I suspect we don’t disagree on a whole lot,” beginning the conversation by discussing the times she’d recommended Ammous’ book to other professionals.

Nevertheless, McCormack moderates the two through a stimulating discussion on many topics of common interest, including the relevance of Austrian Economics to our modern times, several specific areas which prominent Austrians such as Murray Rothbard failed to predict, and cryptocurrency’s fate in the context of an impending worldwide economic catastrophe.

This episode is from just one of several cryptocurrency podcasts that are held to similar standards of information and quality, all of which are available on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network.

This article originally appeared on BitcoinLinux.

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