Tron Progressing at Top Speed: Network Expansion Beating ETH & TRX Integration into BitTorrent

Tron is constantly making progress as it expands its network, beating to that of Ethereum and EOS while growing its DApps ecosystem. It also revealed its plans for Project Atlas, starting with TRX integration into BitTorrent.

Tron network expanding, beating Ethereum & EOS

In today’s live stream, Tron covered some of its most important topics and shared interesting details for TRX community. From the development of Tron network and Tron ecosystem, future plans for Tron network to DApp ecosystem, and progress of project Atlas, Tron covered it all.

To start with, Tron shared the substantial progress made by the network in the past month which makes up a nice data.

The network of the world’s 13th largest cryptocurrency is close to touching the 400k number of total accounts. The exact number is 399,718 which is about 13 times more than Ethereum’s total number of accounts, in the same period of 93 days post mainnet launch. Moreover, it is approximately 20 percent more than the 5th placed EOS whose mainnet was launched about the same time as that of Tron.

A few other details regarding transaction volume is:

  • Peak number of single-day transaction volume: 440,135, 49 times higher than that of Ethereum in the same period
  • Average daily transaction volume: 146,041 which is 29 times higher than that of Ethereum in the same period

4.9 billion TRX coin burn

Moreover, Tron Foundation also reported about the TRX coin burn plans:

“The TRON Foundation completed its fifth coin burn and plans to burn 4,917,487,036.059613 (4.9 billion) old ERC20 tokens. Along with the previous coin burns, TRON will have burned 98012196741.9 (98 billion) altogether, taking up 98.01% of the total 100 billion TRX issued as ERC20 tokens.”

Growth of DApp ecosystem

At the end of last month only, Tron launched the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) that according to Marcus Zhao, the developer of Tron will empower the developers in order to allow people to build better technologies.

Currently, the official Tron DApp website shows 12 DApps that are in different stages viz. live, prototype, concept or beta.

According to the latest developments, Tron network has “cooperated with DapDap, DappReview, and DAppworld to support developers in the developer community, online and offline activities, as well as a marketing promotion, so as to support developers to roll out high-quality dApp content and enrich the TRON ecosystem as a joint effort.”

Also, recently, when Afri Schoedon, a developer at Ethereum asked developers to stop deploying DApps on Ethereum, Justin Sun, Tron founder and CEO replied with:

“Please stop deploying d-apps to Ethereum and migrate to #TRON network immediately! We are 100x faster than #ETH and fully compatible with #ethereum. We 100% guarantee better user experience!”

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Project Atlas: TRX integrated into BitTorrent

On the BitTorrent front, the uTorrent web has been launched that has been localized into Chinese. But more importantly, Tron has announced its plans for Project Atlas. According to the official announcement:

“In the initial phase of Project Atlas, BitTorrent peers will be able to spend tokens to incentivize users on faster networks to seed torrents for longer periods, which will lead to better swarm longevity and faster download speeds. BitTorrent seeders will be able to earn tokens by dedicating more of their bandwidth and storage to ensure that swarms are faster and live longer. For users concerned about mining, TRON (TRX) uses a Delegated Proof of Stake system, meaning users who participate will exchange tokens based on resources provided, not mining.”

Tron is making a lot of development while offering its investors and audience regular and interesting details to keep on going and excited.

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