[promoted] How Invictus Capital Is Reshaping the Landscape of Cryptocurrency Investing

[promoted] How Invictus Capital Is Reshaping the Landscape of Cryptocurrency Investing

One of the impacts of the rapid, global
advancement of digital asset markets has been seasons of volatility and
turbulence. This creates a challenging environment for even the most astute
investors in terms of managing cryptocurrency portfolios and investment

Lacking the expertise and knowledge to
effectively navigate these headwinds, investors often find themselves mired in
uncertainty. It is here where blockchain technology and the distributed
tracking of crypto assets are receiving a wealth of attention. Use cases are
emerging in this space, reshaping the landscape for how investors interact with
the world of traditional finance. 

At the forefront of this movement is the
Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF), a tokenized syndicated venture capital
fund designed to provide token holders with a diversified portfolio of early
stage investment opportunities in the blockchain industry. The fund achieves
this by forming strategic partnerships with some of the most talented
blockchain entrepreneurs and visionaries, supporting them with both the
financial backing and essential connections needed to deliver successful

In delivering a new model for the burgeoning
digital asset milieu, Invictus pivots off of the success of CRYPTO20
— the first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund. Invictus aims to offer an
array of cost-effective data-science backed funds and through Invictus’s fresh
approach, third parties and middlemen whose fees siphon a portion of investor
profits are removed.

Next Steps

In a move that has been hailed as a
significant development in Invictus’s forward trajectory, the company recently
announced that its Hyperion Fund has made a significant early round (MVP stage)
investment in Quantfury, a next-generation trading platform.

Quantfury contributes to this value
proposition by letting users enjoy zero-fee trading in cryptocurrencies and
traditional capital markets. Highlighted here is Quantfury’s smart contract
solution, which trustlessly facilitates cryptocurrency deposits for leverage
trading collateral. This enables users to execute trades that are transparent,
seamless and carry zero fees.

The IHF token was successfully listed on
several exchanges in September of 2018. The fund aspires to develop other
strategic partnerships like the one with Quantfury, with other blockchain
enterprises and visionaries. It is committed to assisting these collaborators
with both financial support and connections to support their ongoing project
development efforts.

By utilizing the IHF token, users gain access
to well-vetted investments connected to initial coin offerings (ICOs) and
private and public presale markets. Invictus’s data-focused methodology guides
this fund to target key growth opportunities in the blockchain technology

Daniel Schwartzkopff, the CEO of Invictus
Capital, hails from South Africa, where he has had success as a business
executive and serial entrepreneur, having founded several venture
capital-backed companies. He is sanguine about Invictus’s rapidly developing
model, citing transparency and collaboration as foundational elements of the
company’s core philosophy. 

Raise Fuels Forward Advancement

Asked about Invictus’s progress over the past
six months, Schwartzkopff cited the company’s launch of the Invictus Hyperion
Fund on May 30, where 4,500 participants secured over $11 million. He believes
this is a clear sign of the market’s support for the Hyperion Fund’s concept
with investor groups across the globe. 

With respect to investors who may have missed
out on the ICO, the token is now listed on both the Liquid.com and IDEX exchanges.

Schwartzkopff is also excited about the
development of Perseus, an end-to-end ICO raise platform, using the technology
from the successful ICOs of CRYPTO20 and Hyperion. He described Perseus as a
customizable platform that is designed to integrate into any existing sale
website for the purpose of facilitating user account creation and
multi-currency investment with full know your customer (KYC) and anti-money
laundering (AML) risk processes built in. The platform raises funds directly to
cold storage, ensuring that the ICO founders receive funds directly and
securely; it is also able to generate and distribute tokens to participants.

“A competitively priced and secure ICO raise
platform has been lacking in the nascent crypto-asset industry,”
Schwartzkopff  said. “The Perseus
platform was made available to help ensure the success of projects invested in
through the Hyperion venture capital fund; the platform is now available
(subject to certain qualifying criteria) for teams looking to run an ICO.”

In addition to the aforementioned support of
Quantfury through the Hyperion Fund, Schwartzkopff cited key strategic
investments in a number of other projects including Noia Network, DAV Network,
Lightstreams, Menlo One, Wemark, Gamedex, Equiti Games, Quantfury and Stackr.

“The fund’s token, IHF, is already listed on
exchanges, alongside other Invictus products such as C20 (CRYPTO20) and, as the
fund’s value continues to grow, we look forward to the first buy-and-burn
protocol being executed,” Schwartzkopff said. 

And Invictus Capital still has lofty goals for the
end of 2018.

“The successful launch of Equiti Games and
Gamedex utilizing Perseus raise technology is one thing we plan to accomplish,
along with the finalization of the fiat-in regulated funds that we currently
have under construction,” Schwartzkopff said. “Finally, the launch of the new
Invictus Capital website that fully expands upon our offerings will represent
another important milestone and critical piece to our long-term vision to
aggregate superior returns from the investments made.”

Trading and investing in digital assets is speculative and can be high risk.
Based on the shifting business and regulatory environment of such a new
industry, this content should not be considered investment or legal advice.

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