Cardano Rust Launches One Year After ADA Began Trading

Cardano Rust Launches One Year After ADA Began Trading

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Cardano launched its third-party developer program, Cardano Rust, on October 1, 2018, almost a year after ADA officially began trading on the coin’s first exchange, Bittrex.

The latest launch in Cardano’s ambitious and ground-breaking roadmap is a software development kit for the Cardano blockchain that has greater potential for mobile application development as well as for the web.

Cardano Rust uses lightweight-systems programming language Rust, which was created by Mozilla for Firefox to replace C++. It is a toolkit of Cardano functions and includes components to interact with the Cardano blockchain, including blocks, transactions, addresses, and protocol functions.

Third-party developers will be able to use Cardano Rust and its open-source sandbox to build their applications for web and mobile. Cardano plans to add more programming languages to the sandbox later.

First Open-Source Project for Cardano

The project is the first to be open source for Cardano and parent company IOHK, “providing a library of wallet and node functions – and a wallet for Ada, the most precisely engineered cryptocurrency yet,” says the Cardano website, adding:

“This open-source library opens up the Cardano blockchain to a wider range of third parties. They will be able to build wallet applications, integrate new or existing products into the platform and speed up the decentralization of the Cardano system.”

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, told Bitcoin Magazine:

“As a project matures and grows, you need to satisfy the demands of different clients.”

The first development using Cardano Rust is a command line interface (CLI) wallet, still in alpha testing, which will be a toolbox of wallet node functions.

Hoskinson also revealed that Cardano Rust is likely to be used for testing smart contract functionality. A smart contract layer and functionality will be added to the Cardano blockchain in a future release and update titled Goguen.

The ongoing development of the Cardano blockchain could quickly bring it to compete with the likes of EOS and Ethereum as a base for decentralized applications and for wider use-case adoption.

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Two-Year Road Map and ADA Price History

Cardano’s native coin ADA went live on Bittrex twelve months ago—the first step in a two-year roadmap to create Cardano as a smart contract platform for developers and enterprises to build upon.

The price of ADA peaked in January 2018 at $1.22 and is now at its almost-lowest price of $0.08 after a steady decline since May 2018.

Hoskinson and IOHK are the first to admit that the price of ADA is far less important to them than the highly advanced blockchain technology they are developing.

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