Programming Platform ‘Buddy’ Will Streamline dApp Deployment On EOS

Programming Platform ‘Buddy’ Will Streamline dApp Deployment On EOS

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EOSIO is promoting the availability of a tool called Buddy, which will allow developers to deploy EOS dApps more easily. The group has published an interview with Buddy’s CEO, Simon Szczepankowski, which explains the reasoning behind the platform and the features of the tool.

What Buddy Does

Buddy is billed as a “continuous delivery platform,” and it essentially automates many aspects of dApp deployment:

  • It provides a graphical interface that allows each step of deployment to be enabled or disabled with the click of a switch.
  • It allows developers to create several pipelines, each of which follows a different series of steps.
  • It can deploy smart contracts to the EOS testnet and mainnet.
  • It connects with various other platforms, including GitHub, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Docker, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Finally, it allows developers to send update notifications via email and social media.

Why EOS?

EOS is the first platform to be supported by Buddy. Szczepankowski cites the platform’s low fees and high speed as factors that led Buddy to support EOS before any other blockchain.

However, EOS was mainly chosen because of its support for updates to smart contracts. As the EOS whitepaper notes, EOS “must be robust enough to fix bugs when they inevitably occur.” This means that dApps and smart contracts undergo frequent updates.

As such, Buddy will be beneficial to developers who spend a lot of time updating their applications. According to Szczepankowski:

“[Buddy] streamlines the release of smart contracts on the blockchain every time a change is introduced…this saves a lot of time and allows EOS developers to focus more on new coding rather than running lots of commands time after time.”

He goes on to suggest that Buddy is ideal for participants at EOS Hackathons, where competitors produce dApps under pressure and code goes through rapid changes.

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Easier Than Ever

EOS has always been on a mission to make blockchain development more accessible. It provides a number of pre-configured features that make development comparatively easy, such as account management, messaging, and permission tools.

Buddy may complement the many existing features of EOS by streamlining a vital part of the development process: getting an app to the people who will use it and ensuring that they always have access to the most up-to-date software.

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