After Months of Waiting, Launched its Blockchain Platform and Mobile App has been busy today. On Friday, the Chinese e-commerce company rolled out two new products: a blockchain platform and a app. The latter is the platform’s first use case.

Here’s what we know. Blockchain Platform: Officially Live 

Today, posted a press release, which stated that the company had not only created a blockchain platform but a mobile application as well.

The company decided to both announce and launch the products Friday; this is likely a marketing move to keep the company in the backs of weekend traders’ minds. Moreover, it was probably announced today so the market would forget about the poor earnings report, which was announced yesterday. 

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However, the products go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it does make sense that they were rolled out on the same day.

The Blockchain Open Platform

For months we have known that, at some point, would be launching a blockchain platform. The March 2018 blockchain whitepaper gave us that insight. And despite the platform being launched months after the firm first announced the plans, the market likely won’t mind the wait.

Those looking to create their own blockchain app will benefit from’s Blockchain Open Platform. Specifically, if your enterprise is trying to create an app for the following, you may want to do some personal research on the platform: 

  • Charity donations 
  • Property assessment
  • Certificate authentication
  • Supply chain information (blockchain adds a number of benefits to supply-chain management)

The App

This is the company’s first app, so Friday’s launch was bound to make some waves. But that’s not the only reason to be excited about it. According to the company, the app is meant to increase issuance efficiency. It will also move invoice data and streamline the accounting process. 

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The JD.Com Stock

The trading day is still warming up, but is already in the green. At press time, is up 0.13% on the Nasdaq Exchange. 

The Takeaway

What do you think about the Blockchain Open platform?

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