Journalism Outlets Love Crypto and Blockchain—Look at Forbes Magazine

Multiple journalism outlets have started to incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain into their business models, which isn’t surprising; we knew this was coming. Back in July, Forbes magazine included crypto players in its ’40 under 40′ list. Last week, Time Magazine put a blockchain startup on its list of 50 innovative businesses. And this week, we have seen the market introduced to a Forbes Civil partnership.

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A Forbes Civil Partnership: What Does This Mean?

On Tuesday, October 9th, the co-founder of Civil, a blockchain platform, confirmed that Forbes will be working with the blockchain-based platform to publish content.

According to Matt Coolidge, Civil co-founder, Forbes will integrate the platform’s software into its own CMC, which stands for a content management system. With this, journalists in 2019 will be able to upload their data to the Civil network and the Forbes website at the same time.

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There’s more, too. According to Coolidge, the Forbes Civil partnership will also lead Forbes to “experiment with new methods of reader engagement.”

What’s the Point?

Is Forbes getting into blockchain because it wants to be part of the trend? Maybe. Or maybe not. According to Coolidge, using a decentralized platform gives the media the ability to “ensure no third party can remove or alter the content.”

Whatever the reason may be, Forbes is openly supportive of the blockchain industry—and it shows in more ways than just partnering with Civil. Yesterday, in fact, Forbes published an article called ‘Why Now Is The Best Time To Embrace Blockchain Technology.’

The opening paragraph is as follows: “It’s time for your business to start embracing blockchain, the biggest game-changer in technology since the internet.”

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The Takeaway

Do you agree with media outlets partnering with crypto and blockchain companies? Or, more specifically, do you agree with the Forbes Civil partnership? It’s certainly interesting; crypto and journalism are two popular yet controversial topics at the moment.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© sinenkiy

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