UEFA’s New Ticketing System Uses Blockchain Technology

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has made quite the revolutionary announcement today. No, Lionel Messi has not quit football or anything like that, rather the announcement revealed the new UEFA ticketing system.

And the new UEFA ticketing system uses blockchain technology. Get in!

The UEFA Ticketing System

UEFA successfully deployed its new blockchain ticketing system via mobile phones.

The system was actually tested first back in May where it was used to sell 50% of the tickets for the 2018 UEFA Europa League final in Lyon and it was successful.

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UEFA Super Cup in Estonia

After its “successful implementation”, UEFA decided to increase the technology’s reach “to all of the general public” in Estonia for an upcoming football match.

The announcement made today spoke of this:

“100% of the match tickets for the UEFA Super Cup soccer match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid held in Tallinn, Estonia on August 15 were sold using a blockchain-based iOS or Android application.”

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Blockchain Safety

The goal of a blockchain ticketing system is to make the ticket-sale process for matches simple and safe. Using blockchain to underpin the system means that ticket distribution will be more secure and importantly, replication and duplication of tickets are prevented.

Developing the Technology

Further to its blockchain success, UEFA says it will continue to develop the technology and its use of a blockchain-based ticket distribution system for future events, adding:

“UEFA is looking to make its ticket sales process for matches more simple and safe — thanks to a new system aimed at providing secure ticket distribution, and which prevents the replication and duplication of tickets.”


With UEFA using blockchain technology for its tickets, I expect it will further the trend for blockchain technology in this field.

Already we have seen company’s use blockchain in innovative ways; South Korea’s, TADA, utilizes it for its ride-hailing app, and further, even a trillion dollar shipping industry is showing its interest.

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