Adds Support for Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, & Other Cryptos Adds Support for Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, & Other Cryptos
bitcoingambling, a site that caters to those in the cryptocurrency gaming niche, has officially added support for additional currencies.

Sometimes called altcoins or alternative currencies, these coins can provide benefits to the user over using Bitcoin such as faster transaction times or even anonymous spending, as with Monero. The site, founded in 2014, was originally focused on providing resources for individuals looking to gamble online using Bitcoin. However, a lot has changed since then in the world of cryptocurrency, and there are now many other popular cryptocurrencies which both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and even casual users are now using. Often because using cryptocurrency eliminates much of the friction within this niche, making it easier to deposit and withdraw funds. Thus, the website has decided to widen its reach and provide support for altcoins such as Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

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The Bitcoin Gambling web portal itself offers a wide variety of resources which can be taken advantage of. This includes not only news and discussion of the best online gaming opportunities in the crypto space but also much more. While the world of online gambling can often be daunting, especially when trying to choose a legitimate provider, takes much of the guesswork out of it. They provide reviews and ratings for all of the most popular sites, allowing individuals to avoid any platforms which may have unsavory practices or ones with a habit of not paying out winnings as expected. They also encourage participants to get in on the action and report any websites which have not acted in an acceptable manner, allowing fellow players to avoid these scam sites. Having real consumer reviews is the best way of weeding out bad players and legitimizing the crypto gambling niche.

The world of cryptocurrency gambling becomes larger every year, and the website continues to provide a growing catalog of reviews for games in many areas. This includes traditional sites such as those that offer the ability to win cryptocurrency by playing poker or casino games such as slot machines. However, it also encompasses other areas such as sports betting sites where participants can wager money on various major league teams in sports like baseball, soccer or hockey.

For those who are interested in gambling but not quite up to speed on the many more intricate details of using and storing cryptocurrencies, they also act as a knowledge bank. Users are free to utilize several different resources which they have made available including beginners guides to cryptocurrencies and even a forum boasting hundreds of members which will allow those who are new to the space to ask questions and become more familiar with the cryptocurrency gaming niche. This gives users access to questions they may not have even thought to ask regarding the safety of their money and how these sites operate. It also makes it harder for these providers to sweep bad experiences under the rug and creates a more fair environment for everyone.

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