The Biggest Blockchain Trends According to the 5 Experts!

The Biggest Blockchain Trends According to the 5 Experts!

Blockchain Trends

This article covers the take of 5 experts from diverse fields of blockchain technologies on widely discussed blockchain trends.

Since the inception of blockchain in the year 2008, the digital world has experienced a massive revolution. The blockchain technology has undergone a considerable evolution in a short period. It has been pushing limits and setting new boundaries in the digital space.

According to experts, the year 2017 has been phenomenal in terms of the developments in blockchain technology. So, it goes without saying that 2018 is most likely to be as prodigious.

Due to its varied applications, it is quite obvious to be curious about the biggest trends that will rule the blockchain realm in the days to come.

Let’s hear it from these 5 experts, what their take on this is.

  1. Phillip Nagy, CEO at Winning Poker Network

Phillip Nagy believes that the biggest blockchain trend will be custodial solutions for corporates.

He emphasizes the fact that third-party services are expensive and blockchain technology is the most viable option.

“The first application that has the impact of blockchain technology in terms of affiliate marketing is the arena of cryptocurrencies. The technology reduces frictions in transactions that currently exist in the conventional infrastructure.”

“Crypto will empower people financially which earlier seemed impossible according to the traditional financial standards.”

He further adds that attention economy will be the next revolutionary application of blockchain technology.

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He is bullish about overcoming the limitations posed by cookie-based solutions and inducing transparency and traceability to the market with the help of blockchain technology.  

  1. James Song, CEO at ExsulCoin

James Song considers blockchain technology to be an integral part of every evolving business including the top-notch companies. “Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Sony, Apple, Jetblue, Macy’s will integrate blockchain technology for making their business more efficient.”

He prophesies that the entire world will be on blockchain soon. “Switching to blockchain will be a vivid business perspective for many companies.”

“The smart contracts on blockchain are magnificent for tracking affiliates and paying them in affiliate marketing.”

“Blockchain will alleviate the affiliate marketing process by automating the payment option, the authority of which now rests with the person making payment.”

  1. Vishal Gupta, Founder & CEO at BINEX.TRADE

Vishal Gupta is buoyant about the prospects of blockchain technology. He states, “blockchain is a super smart technology which is applicable to industries across several verticals and is making the world go round.”

“Blockchain technology offers security against data theft by ensuring consensus-based access for modification of network and hardware equipment.”  

He throws light on the significant applications of blockchain such as enhanced security of government information, storage of health records, a threat to financial scammers, safeguard of defense infrastructure and records.

He further emphasizes that the biggest trend of this revolutionary technology will be a cultural adoption of the technology itself which is possible through a complete shift to a decentralized network. However, he does not disregard the fact that it is a matter of time.

  1. Anton Merkulov, Affiliate Relations and Crypto Advertising at PropellerAds

Anton Merkulov predicts that blockchain technology is going to rule for a long time. He highlights the soaring of crypto market capitalization in 2017 without disregarding the fact that the market was equally volatile and turbulent.

“Last year’s market capitalization was over $500 billion with 90 percent of ICOs getting doomed.”

“The early failure of crypto startups and the denunciation of scams will pave way for more authentic and sophisticated projects.”

“Despite bans on crypto ads, world’s top-notch entrepreneurs are already keen on raising money through ICOs and accept investments from crypto investors.”

  1. Aziz Bin Zainuddin, Founder, and CCO of Master The Crypto

“I surmise that the greatest blockchain trend of all time would be the incorporation of smart contracts into traditional business systems.”

“The potential of smart contracts is huge, spanning across almost all industries such as real estate, mortgage processing, supply chain network, identity verification, etc.”


“Transparency in businesses is subject to rise with the help of blockchain technology.”

“Blockchain technology will reduce the chances of fraudulence, thus increasing the efficacy of businesses.”

He also advises people not to invest in crypto without performing their due diligence.

The opinions of these 5 experts will certainly drive you wiser in terms of relying on blockchain technology as part of your business moves. Focus on the pros, do your research and then make a move!

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