TRON (TRX) “Is The Only Public Chain Without Any Post-Launch Problems,” States Technical Manager

TRON (TRX) “Is The Only Public Chain Without Any Post-Launch Problems,” States Technical Manager

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Thanks to the outspoken founder of TRON, Justin Sun, the project has received a mass amount of public exposure. Sun often takes to Twitter to tout the successes of the project such as their acquisition of BitTorrent or hitting a third of Ethereum’s daily transactions.

However, Sun wasn’t the one to share a recent TRON success, instead the announcement came from the project’s technical manager, Marcus Zhao. In a video interview with Taras Podgorodetskyi from the YouTube channel “Crypto News Nakamoto Jedi”, Zhao revealed new information about the project while also defending it against naysayers.

TRON vs Ethereum

Zhao wastes no time praising TRON. Right away, the developer states that their platform is “faster and cheaper” than competitor Ethereum.

“ETH developers can easily develop on TRON,” Zhao continues. Yet, when Podgorodetskyi claims that developers prefer to use ETH for decentralized application development over TRON, Zhao states that Ethereum only has an advantage because it’s been around for four years. TRON’s platform only officially launched a couple of months ago, though only in beta.

“We will definitely see an explosion of DApps after the official launch,” predicts Zhao.

Podgorodetskyi then presses Zhao on some of the plagiarism accusations faced by TRON, such as the project stealing code from Ethereum, but the developer sidesteps the question, stating, “As far as I know, TRON is the only public chain without any post-launch problems.” Zhao goes on:

“In comparison, ETH and EOS had block generation problems when they were first launched. TRON never used the ETH Protocol, but in order to attract Ethereum developers, we have made our TVM compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM.) However, the management and consumption of resources are created by us independently. Moving on, the TVM will be made compatible with more virtual machines.”

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that a team member would admit to stealing code in an interview, but one has to wonder with all of the similarities behind the two platforms.

Zhao then reveals some of the upcoming TRON projects: anonymous transactions, multi-signature, and a BFT consensus mechanism were among those mentioned, alongside a “secret project” in development by BitTorrent, but based on the TRON platform.

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TRON’s Alternative Approach

Interestingly, Podgorodetskyi asks how Sun was elected as a TRON Super Representative in just one day despite other reps having to wait days or even weeks for the position. In response, Zhao reveals that “Justin has many followers and community supporters. Because they trust in Justin and his ability to run the node well, Justin could be elected so quickly.”

TRON is run by just 27 Super Representatives. However, current delegates are spread throughout the world, including in Africa, Europe, America, and China. Zhao then reveals that TRON Super Representatives are actually more decentralized than Bitcoin nodes or the 21 block producers on EOS.

Zhao also comments on the oversaturated state of the ICO market:

“Because there are oceans of ICOs, investors will turn to valuable investment. Eventually, the value of good projects will become apparent. I believe that we need professional agencies rather than individual investors to participate in the ICOs.”

Zhao ends the interview with a positive outlook on the cryptocurrency market, despite its current bear state. To Zhao, prices aren’t that important right now. Instead, “as long as the number of cryptocurrency application [sic] continues to grow,” people will flock to the decentralized technology and make it a significant part of their daily lives.

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