CoolWallet S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Activates ERC20 Token Management in App

CoolWallet S – A Hardware Wallet for ERC20 Tokens

CoolBitX has announced that users can now use the CoolWallet S to store and manage their ERC20 tokens. CoolBitX is the pioneering company to develop a mobile hardware cryptocurrency world.

Before the launch of CoolWallet S, ERC20 token holders frequently suffered from hacking attacks due to the limited availability of storage options. For instance, the recent attack on the Bancor crypto exchange resulted in the loss of over $11 million worth of ERC20 tokens. Typically, software wallets and exchange platforms are extremely vulnerable. The few hardware wallets that supported ERC20 tokens did so through third-parties that are equally as vulnerable as exchanges and hot wallets. As a result, the mass adoption of such products remained to be a dream.

Founder and CEO Michael Ou said to Bitcoin Exchange Guide team:

“We are excited to release this new function that will allow ERC20 Token holders to safely store their tokens offline in a few seconds. No other hardware wallets have the ability to do so. We value our customers’ feedback, and we do our best to deliver.”

The CoolWallet S provides a convenient and secure platform for the storage of ERC20 tokens. Moreover, it is easily portable and features a simple user interface. It enables users to manage all of their crypto assets using the native CoolBitX app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for investors who own an array of digital assets.

Michael Ou, the CEO of CoolBitX, says that the company focuses on developing crypto custody products that are secure and easy to use. Michael also revealed that the CoolWallet S will be linked with Joyso crypto exchange to enable users to easily exchange, buy and sell their cryptocurrency holdings.

Features of The CoolWallet S

Despite being as mall as accredit card, this wallet has a host of features, including:

  • Resistance to damage – water-proof, tamper-proof and resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • EAL5+ approved Secure Element microchip
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure cold storage and Bluetooth connectivity
  • E-ink display
  • Physical confirmation button
  • OTA updates
  • iOS and Android applications
  • Supports major cryptos and all ERC20 tokens.

The CoolWallet S is available for $99.

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