Design a New Bitcoin Paper Wallet and Win $100 of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from has announced that is hosting a paper wallet design contest to create a beautiful cold storage visual graphic for bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

Only recently, the platform unveiled its newly revamped paper wallet generator for bitcoin cash (BCH) users can use a classic cold storage solution and print out BCH for friends and family.

Now is throwing open a design contest looking to attract everyone who is interested, offering the winning entry $100 worth of bitcoin cash.

Paper wallets are just like traditional bearer bond instruments (paper bills) and they can be exchanged anonymously off chain. The paper wallet generation process is straightforward as users can print out as many as they want — they can even add funds to their wallets after creating them.

The platform said its graphics team has created a new paper wallet design that looks pretty sharp, but they thought it would also be cool to let BCH users submit their own artwork. Plus, contests are a great way to show community-driven spirit, as we know that BCH fans are particularly passionate.

The successful entry goes away with some BCH to spend, and their winning submission will also be displayed on the website.

Paper wallets are a convenient way to store BCH and a personalized design looks even better.

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