Noomi Wallet Launches New Cryptocurrency Banking App for Bitcoin Investors

The Noomi Wallet – The Future of Crypto Banking

The Noomi Wallet is a new digital currency banking application created by a team of blockchain experts. The digital wallet aims to promote the mainstream usage of cryptocurrencies is simple to use and focuses on practicability. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

This platform is designed for investors to stake their virtual finance assets (VFAs). The simple user interface makes it’s the best option for beginners who are not experienced in crypto trading. The main features of the Noomi Wallet include:

  • Invest and gain profits on VFAs – the Noomi Wallet guarantees profitable returns on most cryptocurrency investments.
  • Multi-currency support – the Noomi Wallet is compatible with a majority of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, CyberMiles Token, and altcoins.
  • Instant and free transactions – all transactions on Noomi are fast and free of charge.

The features mentioned above are the first step in the company’s vision of developing a VFA services solution for the crypto space. According to the CEO of Noomi, Andrew Dao, digital currencies are establishing new means of interacting with money and the financial industry. Andrew acknowledged the presence of numerous blockchain solutions and stated that Noomi will strive to offer unique services to the crypto community. However, he noted that this would most probably take a lot of time to realize. Some of the unique benefits of Noomi over other digital wallets include:

  • Empowering users to invest in digital assets as they would with fiat money, with guaranteed returns. The rates vary from 6% to 10% and the investment period is a maximum of 30 days.
  • Using easy usernames. Noomi spares the user from the challenges of memorizing long wallet addresses by allowing them to create unique usernames that can be used in place of the cryptographic addresses during transactions.
  • Eliminating transaction fees. All transactions on the Noomi platform are free of charge.
  • Convenience – all crypto assets are manageable using a single Noomi wallet.

Currently, Noomi is working on the acquisition of a government-issued license from Maltese authorities for the storage, transfer and management of VFAs. This would make it one of the first digital wallets to comply with Malta’s legal requirements.

Additionally. Andrew Dao mentioned that Noomi wants to help businesses and investors to shift from traditional to blockchain-based platforms by offering solutions that streamline the process. The release of the Noomi Wallet is the first step towards this goal.

Also, Noomi is a partner to the CyberMiles e-commerce ecosystem. Specifically, Noomi is one of the supernode candidates in the CyberMiles blockchain network. Noomi is expected to play a key role in the DPoS consensus algorithm that will run the CyberMiles blockchain. Regarding this, Lucas Lu, the CEO and founder of the CyberMiles Foundation, said that despite the widespread talk on digital currencies, very few people own these assets. Moreover, the world is yet to harness the potential of this emerging technology. Lucas concluded by saying that the dream of the CyberMiles Foundation is to create an ecosystem that will enable the world to enjoy the benefits of virtual currencies and blockchain technology.

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