Huobi Launches NEXT Crypto Exchange to Bring Investors to Early Stage Projects

Huobi Shows Off Its Newest Upgrade Of The All-New Community Crypto Exchange a.k.a Hadax To NEXT

As one of the leading blockchain companies in San Francisco, there is no denying that Huobi group has been at the forefront of transforming the industry’s landscape. And last week, they proved just this when the group’s CEO – one Lu Mai – heralded the introduction of Huobi NEXT to leading American investors and leaders of the industry. Huobi NEXT, for those who may not be familiar, is the conglomerate’s main crypto exchange platform.

But What Exactly Is Huobi NEXT?

For starters, the NEXT is specially tailor-made to interconnect upcoming new and early -stage potential blockchain products with promising investors who are very interested in pumping and growing some of their net worth through such avenues. In fact, one of the unique features of the NEXT platform is the ability of the exchange’s greater community to decide which final projects are to be listed via a majority public vote.

Open Platform

According to LU, what Huobi is trying to do here for most of the part is building an open-ended platform for any – if not all – participants to share the value and contribute towards the growth of upcoming projects by giving them the necessary apparatus and platform for exposure.

How Huobi NEXT Works

Huobi’s operating model is based on several pointers. At first, the model requires that all the project teams to submit their coin projects for formal listing. After this, Huobi verifies each and every of this for viability, authenticity and legitimacy. After this, the process begins with Huobi NEXT advisors and endorsers selecting a project for consideration and subsequent voting. Well, each nominator chooses one or two projects for exposure to endorsers before voting commences. According to Lu, they are always trying to expand their ecosystem by recruiting more and more qualified endorsers to join their brood.

After this stage, qualified investors backed up by Huobi’s greater community which is made up of holders and investors of the group’s chief token pay to be allowed to vote for their project of liking. In exchange for their support, they will receive project tokens as the reward for their participation.

Established back in 2013, Huobi Group’s total accumulated turnover has now exceeded an impressive $1 trillion. It is now a household name as far as the provision of secure, safe and convenient cryptocurrency asset and trading management services goes.

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