Line’s Bitbox Exchange Launches LINK Token, Tron Airdrops TRX in Celebration

Bitbox Exchange Celebrates LINK Launch On Its Platform With A TRX Airdrop

On October 16, Tron released a Tweet in which it informs users that the crypto exchange Bitbox will be organizing an airdrop to celebrate the launch of LINK trading on its platform. LINK is LINE’s cryptocurrency and it has been listed on Bitbox. The information has been released by the company just a few hours ago.


LINK will now be traded with three different tokens including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). At the same time, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitbox will also be offering several airdrop events for LINK holders.

To celebrate the launch of LINK trading and support on the Bitbox platform, the exchange will be holding different special airdrop events. The first one is related to TRON (TRX). LINK holders will be receiving TRON according to the amount of the LINK holders. At the same time, TRON depositors and traders will also receive airdrops ofLINK.

The exchange will also be carrying out a LINK reward event throughout October.

The official release reads as follows:

“BITBOX is also carrying out a LINK reward event throughout October for trades and net deposits depending on the trading pairs. And, in the future, BITBOX plans to add more events, including discounts on LINK used to pay trading fees.”

TRON is one of the most valuable virtual currencies in the market. It has a market capitalization of $1.62 billion dollars and each TRX token can be bought for $0.0246 dollars.

Bitbox is Line’s cryptocurrency exchange and it will be listing the LINK (LN) cryptocurrency. So as to increase the number of users that hold LN tokens, the exchange has decided to perform these airdrops events.

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