Blockchain Healthcare Company Docademic Partners With Devlyn

Docademic, the healthcare company that lets anyone talk to a doctor or psychologist through their mobile device and uses a proprietary token for its own healthcare payment system, has expanded its resources by partnering with eye care company Devlyn.

Expanding the Network

On Thursday Docademic stated on Twitter:

“We are confident that working with Devlyn and its more than 9 million clients and 1,200 stores across Latin America, we will be able to expand the reach of the Docademic and Cool Emotions services and accelerate the MTC crypto economy.”

This partnership represents the latest step by Docademic in an effort to build a network of health care providers that will use its platform and MTC cryptocurrency to bring healthcare to people in a new way. Already offering a psychology service through its Cool Emotions feature, Docademic looks to widen its services to include vision care by partnering with “the largest eye care company in Latin America.”

A Growing Client List

Mexico-based Docademic has raised over $1 million in funding and is currently still in the seed phase, according to Crunchbase. Even so, the company already has clients in government and the private healthcare industry, according to CEO Charles Nader. Nader stated in the company telegram group:

“Docademic has clients in government and private healthcare industry. We provide government entities real time data and analytics products where they can monitor their population in real time and send targeted messages to certain patients. This service enables the governments to react faster to public health emergencies and improve their public health strategy.”

He went on to add:

“Likewise, for private healthcare industry we provide data analytics products that enable companies to see what prescription medications are being prescribed or what pathologies are happening in certain regions. This helps them with their sales strategies. This is how we sustain our amazing free basic healthcare service.”

Docademic claims to have over 82,000 people using its free mobile doctor teleconference service, and over 15,000 using Cool Emotions, and their client list includes the state of Hidalgo, Mexico as well as companies in the U.S. and Germany.

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