Emma App Adds Real Time Syncing for Cryptocurrencies From Top Exchanges

Emma Integrates Crypto Exchanges And Money Management App

A London-based financial startup called Emma has recently launched a new platform for crypto exchanges to integrate them with the app from the company. This platform is designed to help millennials gain a better understanding of their finances overall.

The app contains several different cryptocurrency exchanges aggregated to it. They include some very popular ones like Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken and Bitfinex.

Users will be able to view their crypto investment in all these platforms using a single interface and to see their credit card and bank statements. The app is free and can be used by any person who is interested in cryptocurrencies, but it should be noted that only residents and citizens from the United Kingdom are accepted by the company right now.

The CEO of Emma, Edoardo Moreni, has affirmed that the app was created to empower millions of people around the world to have a better and more fulfilling financial life. According to him, cryptos are the next great financial asset and now the users will be able to track and manage their funds better while making wiser decisions because the information will be considerably more transparent for them.

A Banking Experience Focused On The Customer

The product was launched in January 2018 and it was created by experts with finances and technology. In July, Emma was able to get $500,000 GBP via a seed round led by Kima Ventures, which has also invested in Transferwise before the company was famous. Another relevant company to participate was Aglaé Ventures, which has invested in Airbnb and Netflix.

By using the app, someone can use this banking solution on a smartphone (iOS and Android). Consumers can avoid overdrafts, make or cancel subscriptions, track debts and find new ways to save money.

The goal of the creator, according to the official information, was to create a banking service that would be really focused on the client instead of on the needs of the banks.

Emma is a fully registered company with the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom under the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

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