Tron (TRX) Surpasses Ethereum (ETH) in Daily Transaction, Justin Sun says “It’s Just the Beginning”

The world’s 11th largest cryptocurrency surpassed 2nd largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) in daily transactions as transactions on Tron network reaches about 600k.

Transactions on Tron network hikes to 600k

For the first time, Tron (TRX) has surpassed Ethereum (ETH) in daily transactions as Tron founder and CEO took to Twitter to announce:

“It is the first time that #TRON has surpassed #Ethereum in the daily transaction. #TRX 599354 vs. #ETH 565791 in October 18th. It’s just the beginning!”

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A day before that, Tron Blockchain Explorer also shared:

“Yesterday we had the highest spike of transactions on #TRON network with almost 600k transactions in a day!

77% of those transactions were Smart Contracts that were triggered!”

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Tron enthusiasts are elated as one commented, “TRON is starting to deliver. Next bull run and 30 cents will look like peanuts.”

Another one shared in part, “It seems to be a one-time surpass. Ethereum has a long*run while the Tronix just begins a new story. I believe that we should wait a bit more to compare both.

However, right now the sentiments are bullish,

“Regardless of people’s views, for me this is great news and shows how far TRON has come in such a short time. More importantly, dapps with use are being used… Tron will be big in a few years.”

Also, recently, Tron gathered in Malta along with Binance and others in order to support blockchain for social good. The DELTA summit saw founders and representatives of Tron, Binance, and Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) attend a private reception hosted by President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

At the summit, Sun stated:

“I believe it is my responsibility to lead the movement in applying blockchain technology to improve people’s livelihoods around the world. I will dedicate the resources I have gained from co-governing the network to causes that will benefit and empower society. I hope my actions will inspire more people to tap into the great potential of blockchain technology to truly make a positive impact.”

Tron had shared how blockchain technology can be used to solve the pain points of charitable institutions. And also announced that it is pledging an initial donation of $3 million to BCF.

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