Checkmate Capital (CHC) Makes Investment in Bcause Crypto Exchange Operations

Health Checkmate (CHC) recently announced that it would invest in the Series B Capital round for Bcause LLC. The Bcause LLC is believed to be the creator of what is the world’s first full-stack crypto ecosystem.

In this round, CHC will acquire a yet-undisclosed amount of equity shares of Bcause. This will enable Bcause to open their spot crypto exchange in the near future. They will be able to jointly direct a project that will launch exchange-related crypto initiatives that will be co-located in the Asia region.

Other parties interested in the Series B round will contribute more equity investments in an intermediate closing time on terms that will be determined. The aim of the investment by CHC is to strengthen the Bcause exchange and establish new crypto exchanges and Asian-based asset-backed payment products.

What The Leadership Had To Say

Benjamin Lye, the VP and head of digital assets at CHC said that the global experience the Bcause team has is crucial to the creation of a viable exchange in Asia. He said that he was particularly impressed by the team’s experience in creating multiple exchanges in Asia. He concluded by saying that it would lead to a clear mission for their Asian partners, linked to the desired objective and outcomes for constituencies that they serve.

The CEO of Bcause Fred Grede added that the commitment represented their second strategic investment from the Asian region. He said that it would further their distribution in Asia. The CEO said that he was pleased to work with CHC and other partners to evolve the crypto marketplace and further development of crypto trading in Asia.

For the Series B round, ASGARD Partners & Co. will be the strategic and Capital markets advisor for Bcause. Lehman Bush, a boutique private equity investment firm with offices all over Asia is the company’s Asia-based strategic industry partner.

About CHC

CHC is a joint-venture entity established between checkmate capital and large financial services and healthcare partners in Asia. Checkmate Capital, Checkmate, is an investment group that manages family office assets and Asian-pacific institutional funds. The primary areas of investment by Checkmate are energy and energy tech, biomedical and biotech, and diverse special situation opportunities.

With offices in LA, Beijing, and an affiliate office in Singapore, Checkmate investment partners offer their seasoned and diverse expertise in various industries. They leverage an efficient international ecosystem of partners, business talent, and resources. Their investment approach is long-term focused. It embodies strategic oversight and an ownership paradigm.

CHC is a special purpose vehicle that is used to facilitate investment interests of Checkmate and mandated social outcomes of strategic investor partner entities. They serve the masses and various stakeholders with solutions geared toward better economic and socially conscious objectives.

About Bcause LLC

Bcause LLC is creating a full-stack crypto ecosystem that will include mining center and spot market, regulated, derivative exchange. It will also feature a regulated clearinghouse and custody operations. It has filed with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission for it to become a contract market and a derivatives clearing organization.

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