TronLink Launches a Metamask-Like Browser Extension to Interact with Tron dApps

TronLink Launches a Metamask-Like Browser Extension to Interact with Tron dApps

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Tron users can now make use of a new browser extension called TronLink that will allow them to connect directly to the platform’s dApps. The plugin is available on Firefox, Brave, and Google Chrome.

What Does It Change?

Previously, users had to interact with Tron dApps manually and in an irregular way. Now, TronLink will automate and standardize that process.

The extension works much like Ethereum’s Metamask: it stores wallet data securely, and seamlessly performs transactions with web-based dApps. The extension will prompt users to send and receive tokens when they interact with apps.

Meanwhile, developers will be able to create dApps that support the extension. TronLink has already been adopted by at least one dApp,

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Development Team

TronLink is not an official product of the Tron team — it was built by TronWatch, a third party made up of community members.

TronWatch has notably assisted in the development of Tron’s official TronWeb API. As such, the development team seems to be reputable, but Tron has not yet endorsed TronLink on its official site.

Users should also ensure that the plug-in that they download is the one published by the TronWatch team: phishing is a known problem surrounding crypto wallets.

The Rise of Tron dApps

The introduction of TronLink is a major step forward for Tron: the platform has positioned itself as a target for dApp development since its inception. Although Tron has already succeeded in attracting dApp developers, this easy-to-use wallet plugin will help those apps attract the users they need.

In order to succeed as a dApp platform, Tron will have to break into a market that is currently dominated by EOS and Ethereum. The recent launch of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) was followed by a surge in the platform’s number of dApps, which is a good sign for the platform’s future.

Tron’s upcoming Project Atlas, which will compensate BitTorrent users, will undoubtedly attract many more users to the platform as well. In short, the TronLink wallet is just one addition that will help Tron’s cause.

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