VeChainThor (VET) Built OceanEX Crypto Exchange Goes Live, New Users Welcome

OceanEX, an intelligent crypto exchange designed for the VeChainThor (VET) has finally gone live, with Beta version expected to follow later in undisclosed date.

The platform now accepts signups, with users expected to provide their email addresses, password, and verification details, which include nationality, legal names, passport or government issued photo, and passport/ID number.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

The OceanEX cryptocurrency exchange is developed using artificial intelligence, a bank-level SSL security technology, to actively detect any attacks in a bid to safeguard the digital assets and transactions of the platform’ users.

According to the OceanEX official website, the platform is expected to offer lightning fast trading thanks to the system that’s equipped to handle about 1.2 million orders in every second.

Its trading services are also tailor made to suit different types of investors.

OceanEX And Its Crowdfunding

OceanEX conducted its crowdfunding in two stages: whitelisting phase and VeChain community phase. The former required all participants to commit at least 50,000 VET, with the latter following soon after.

OceanEX exchange’s OCE token is expected to be used for a number of things now that the exchange is up and running.

It will be used for paying fees for all service that the platform offers, including listing fee and transaction fee; using the platform’s professional trading tools as well as other investment products such as CryptoBento; voting rights; and access to their market research center – OceanLab, among others.

Good News For VET?

The launch of OceanEX on the VET ecosystem is certainly some great news for the platform. The fact that the new exchange is designed to trade a variety of tokens, including the main digital asset of VET, there’s a good chance that there will be a high demand for the VET coin, something that will in turn propel its value.

The platform has also not disclosed yet which coin will be its base cryptocurrency between the VET coin and the OCE token.

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