Is the Blockchain Job Market Introducing New Roles?

Is the Blockchain Job Market Introducing New Roles?

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Glassdoor, a major employment site, recently issued a new report which shows that blockchain jobs are on the rise. The report showed that blockchain jobs pay better than average and are concentrated in major cities around the world. In addition, Glassdoor found that the roles that blockchain employees can fill are quickly changing.

Tech Roles Still Dominant

Glassdoor’s report shows that most blockchain jobs still require users to fill technical and engineering roles. 55% of blockchain jobs fall into this category, and software engineering alone accounted for 19% of job postings:

“In total, engineering, technology and science roles comprise a whopping 55 percent of job openings and suggest there’s still demand for skilled workers who can advance fundamental blockchain technology.”

Blockchain is squarely in the tech sector, so it is not surprising that blockchain jobs have a technology focus — but it is surprising that this describes just over half of blockchain jobs.

Significant Business Roles

Blockchain-related business jobs have also become more prominent. This means that blockchain employees can find various management roles, which collectively accounted for 14% of job postings:

“We see that business roles are well-represented with analyst relations manager being the second-most common job posting (5 percent), followed by product manager (4 percent), risk analyst (3 percent) and marketing manager (2 percent).”

It should be noted the top 15 job postings only account for 49% of the total job postings. Although tech jobs account for 55% of all postings, the top fifteen tech jobs account for less than 35% of all postings. As such, business roles’ 14% share of all job postings is more significant than it initially appears.

Design, analysis, and consultancy jobs also accounted for a small fraction of job postings. The bottom line is that a significant number of non-technical roles have become prominent. This phenomenon is not unique to blockchain: Glassdoor has previously found that tech companies begin to offer non-technical positions as they grow.

A Lack of Financial Roles

Glassdoor also found a surprising lack of traditional finance jobs in the blockchain sector, noting that the top 15 job list did not include traders or financial analysts.

The report cites wariness on the part of institutional investors as a possible cause of low demand for employees in this area. Although some blockchain projects (such as Ripple) are banking on their ability to attract the financial industry and institutional investors, regulatory concerns may be inhibiting this at the moment.

The study also posits that non-financial applications of the blockchain may be shifting the focus away from finance. This change could be accounted for by supply chain-focused platforms like VeChain, ID management platforms like Ontology, and a host of other platforms with a focus on data management.

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