ClanPlay Receives A Strategic Investment By Bicameral Ventures Towards Launching On The Aion Blockchain

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Popular social platform for gamers, ClanPlay, is announcing the launch of its Good Game (GG) Marketplace with upcoming tournaments for top games like Fortnite, on top of the Aion interoperable blockchain platform

Tel Aviv – September 2018- ClanPlay to become one of the first pioneers on the Aion interoperable blockchain platform, launching the Good Game Marketplace in Q4 2018. The unique marketplace will enable players to monetize their skills by trading in-game services and participating in massive-scale tournaments. Additionally, ClanPlay is announcing a strategic investment by Bicameral Ventures, an innovative venture capital fund focused on financing the top blockchain projects. As part of this investment, co-founder of Aion, Kesem Frank and Bicameral CIO, Alex McDougall will be joining the ClanPlay advisory board. Bicameral will be the lead investor in ClanPlay’s €2.5 million Seed round.

ClanPlay has proven its ability to create communities of engaged gamers after attracting nearly 2 million users and now plans to leverage this user base and its marketing capabilities, to deploy a digital marketplace. In the upcoming platform, interested parties could pay players for services inside games, gamers would be able to challenge their skill against others; and game developers will pay players directly, to discover and engage with their games. ClanPlay’s blockchain-enabled platform aspires to facilitate an exchange of value and to allow any gamer to “earn money by playing awesome games” says Leonard Frankel, ClanPlay’s CEO.

“The low cost of transactions, speed of the network and the ability to seamlessly integrate several blockchains into our platform, were all differentiating factors in choosing Aion to develop our platform on and collaborate with” Leonard adds and continues, “Aion’s blockchain platform has given our ecosystem the ability to let gamers profit from their favorite games, without requiring offline bank accounts.”

Asaf Semo, ClanPlay’s CTO explains their decision: “At ClanPlay, we designed a scalable platform to support millions of active users and in-line with our lean approach that prioritizes time to market, Aion posed an unparalleled opportunity. The Aion platform solves many of our requirements around currency management, security and ease of transactions. Their interoperability offering (bridging between blockchains), gives us valuable flexibility in an ever-changing future of blockchain diversity”

The GG token will be one of the first ATS Tokens (Aion’s fungible token standard) and serve Good Game users as they transact in the marketplace, using an Aion wallet to hold their payouts and winnings. Tournaments will go live in Q4 2018 , hosting some of today’s most popular games, such as Fortnite, PUBG and Clash Royale. PvP Challenges on game results will follow suit and trading of in-game services is set as a goal for early 2019.

“ClanPlay is an impressive team with a genuine understanding of gamers’ passion, as demonstrated by their ability to organically scale to over 2 million users on their mobile app since launch. ClanPlay’s choice of the Aion blockchain is a testament of the network’s capabilities and we are excited about their work which is pioneering real world usage of mass-user high-throughput applications. We are proud to welcome the ClanPlay team as adopters of the Aion network and both Alex and I are delighted to join the platform’s advisory board” said Kesem Frank, CEO of Bicameral Ventures and co-founder of Aion.

“As investors, we found great appeal in how ClanPlay engaged high profile game developers that seem to be almost as excited as we are, to partner with them. The Good Game Marketplace will enable developers to promote their games directly by compensating the player’s time spent in discovering them. The inclusion of advertisers and developers as participants in the marketplace provides a level of institutional demand for the GG token that we believe is missing from many projects” echoed Alex McDougall, CIO of Bicameral Ventures.

“With Aion and Bicameral, we have found an excellent team to collaborate with towards our vision of re-orienting the gaming ecosystem from viewing gamers as acquisition targets to treating them as unique skilled individuals” Frankel concludes, “we’re extremely excited to move forward and execute on our mutual vision.”


About ClanPlay
Leonard Frankel and Asaf Semo co-founded ClanPlay in 2016. The company has raised equity funding from founders of game companies such as Plarium, Huuuge Games, Diwip, and Babil Games. ClanPlay is among only two games-related companies in the history of Israel to have received a government grant for technological innovation.



About Aion Foundation

Aion is a powerful decentralized application development environment built on an established blockchain network, performant smart contract execution engine, and an ecosystem of accelerator tools.

Aion is a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps).  By streaming the dApp building process – including providing the blockchain network, an advanced smart contract execution engine, accelerator tools, and an ecosystem of partners – Aion gives you the agility to Build the Future you Want and lead the dApp revolution.




About Bicameral Ventures
Bicameral Ventures is an innovative Venture Capital fund which both raises and deploys capital directly in cryptocurrency and invests in early stage projects leveraging the Aion interoperability platform. Bicameral Ventures was co-founded by Kesem Frank, co-founder of Aion and Nuco Inc. and Alex McDougall, fintech and M&A investment banking veteran with Bank of Montreal Capital Markets.


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