XRP Tip Bot App Ready to further Boost XRP Adoption

XRP Tip Bot is now available on App Store and Google Play and all set to further help in XRP adoption. Meanwhile, price is in the red and bears and bulls are battling for dominance on XRP.

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XRP Tip Bot on App Store and Google Play

XRP gets a swift kick with XRP Tip Bot now made available on App Store and Google Play. A third-party software, it is built on XRP Ledger by a developer named Wietse Wind.

The website mentions currently one can send up to 20 XRP. As for how to actually send your cryptocurrency, one needs to get the app and scan the activation QR. The website further instructs that now one has to log into the XRPTipBot through Twitter, Reddit, or Discord. “After logging in you’ll see a QR code. You can scan this QR code with your mobile device.”

Now one can send and receive XRP tips in real life, it further adds “Visit your Account App page to download your own Donation QR code.”

Recently, in an interview, developer Wind shared,

“With the XRPTipBot App it’s really easy to Tip your friends, family or even stores or restaurants in real life. Just enter the amount and scan a QR code. The QR codes on the XRPTipBot Personal Donation pages work as well.”

Initially, the app will allow the users to activate by scanning the QR from their desktop. In the meantime, the team is working on its mobile activation.

Not long ago, Coil, another third-party micropayment platform integrated XRP Tip Bot and allowed users to make micropayments in XRP.

People have been already tipping each other XRP on a number of platforms and the easy availability of this through the app and further on mobile will only add to its usage and ultimately XRP adoption.

Meanwhile, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency is trading at $0.4578 while being in red by 0.14 percent.

XRP 15-days price chart, Source, Coinmarketcap


With a market cap of $18 billion, it is managing the daily trading volume of about $202 million. The price maintaining somewhat of a consistency for the past 15-days with a few exceptions. Currently, bears and bulls are battling to decide in which direction XRP will move as it keeps below $0.50.

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