Binance’s Donation Portal Will Bring Transparency to Charity

Binance’s Donation Portal Will Bring Transparency to Charity

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Binance, through its charity arm, has introduced a new blockchain-based donation portal that will make crypto donations more accessible and transparent. The company’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, presented the portal during the UNCTAD World Investment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday.

The news comes just after an update on Binance’s ongoing flood recovery campaign, which has raised $1.41 million in crypto. The campaign has efficiently transferred donations through several charity organizations and community members, allowing money to reach those who need it the most.

Binance is now opening a donation channel that will support residents of Eastern Uganda, which is suffering floods and landslides. This task will be facilitated by the new donation portal.

Donations On the Blockchain

The blockchain and cryptocurrency have long had potential for use in donation platforms. Many charity organizations get relatively little money to those in need due to their own administrative fees and the costs of transferring money internationally. Some of these costs are defensible; some are not.

Binance’s blockchain solution will solve this problem by providing transparency: the public will be able to see exactly where donations are going and find out how much of those donations actually make it to recipients. Binance will track donations across four different categories: donors, charity programs, charity partners, and beneficiaries.

Although crypto-based donations can avoid some bureaucratic costs and international exchange fees, they can also introduce costs of their own. In theory, cryptocurrency can be sent directly to recipients, but the process of changing crypto to cash (or otherwise making use of it) can be costly in and of itself.

This means that charity organizations that can handle crypto effectively and inexpensively are still a necessity for full-scale relief, even when it comes to crypto donations. As such, Binance has committed to covering operational fees and “ensuring that 100% of donations will go directly to end-beneficiaries,” according to Changpeng Zhao.

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Who Can Help?

The new donation portal will allow individuals and organizations alike to engage in charity. Binance’s initiative has already attracted TRON, which has pledged $3 million to Binance’s Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF). Meanwhile, individuals can donate and view donation records at the BCF website.

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