Coinbase Pro Focuses On Continuous Usability And Security Improvements

Time and technology never stay still. In the world of continuous change, the end users expect nay demand improvements. Coinbase Pro has learned that lesson well and has acted on that. Yesterday, the 26th of October they released an update which adds design features for a safer and better overall end user experience.

There have been two standout additions worthy of note :

Address Book:  to simplify and allow for an easy method to keep track of ones frequently used crypto addresses, in one easy to access click.

Crypto Address Whitelisting : is  designed to give more control to the user, allowing them to set limits to crypto transfers to addresses in the Address Book.

What Are The Details

In their official blog, Linda Xie, their Product Manage at Coinbaser said:

“We’re committed to being the safest, most trusted and easiest to use platform for trading cryptocurrencies, and these new updates are one more step along this journey.”

She discusses the newly released Address book and discussed the simplicity of its use. In the release she noted,

“The new Address Book available today to all Pro customers lets users store any number of addresses, making it easier and safer to send crypto to those addresses you know and trust. Users no longer have to do a manual address lookup, copy, and paste each time they want to withdraw crypto. Instead, they can search an address by its nickname or its first few characters and the Address Book will autocomplete the process. Users can save new addresses to their Address Book after withdrawing crypto to a previously unsaved address.”

Similarly, Linda also discussed in detail the optional crypto Address Whitelisting feature. She explains,

“When a customer enables the feature, sends from the customer’s Coinbase Pro account will be limited to addresses already listed in their Address Book. For additional security, Whitelisting also adds a 48-hour delay to adding new addresses to your Address Book and disabling the Whitelisting feature.”

It is this sort of continuous focus on innovation that has seen this company grow. From its founding in 2012, the company has grown to include over 10 million users, worldwide and post revenue in excess of a billion dollars.

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