Ripple and Tas Integration Confirmed while XRP Liquidity Getting a Major Boost

“Ripple is coming.. and TAS is ready!” says Tas website. It’s confirmed that Ripple and the software solution provider are working together as it states, “Ripple is a ‘Global, Neutral Settlement System’ for bilateral settlement and exchange.” Meanwhile, XRP liquidity gets a major boost as wallets and exchanges offer support.

Ripple and Tas Working Together

According to the Tas Group’s website, it is working with Ripple. On its Real-Time Settlement System section, it reads, “Ripple is coming.. and TAS is ready!”

The software solution provider “serves major commercial & central banks and the main Financial Services centers in Italy and Europe and the main global broker-dealers of the Global Fortune 500.”

In its one-pager, it shares there is no ‘Global Settlement System’ for cross-border transactions which is further riddled with high transaction fees, costly reserve requirements, the risk of multiple failure points, lack of visibility and has one FX provider while taking 2+ days to settle.

And this is where Ripple comes into the picture that provides a ‘Global, Neutral Settlement System’ for bilateral settlement and exchange. Free to use, it involves 100% straight-through processing, full visibility meaning easier compliance, and competitive marketplace where no resources are required and take 5 seconds to settle.

Present in 7 countries and over 150 clients worldwide, Tas manages more than 100 million cards internationally. The biggest payments carrier in entire Europe, Tas has been apparently been working with Ripple since 2004 as shared in XRP chat. However, the integration with Ripple now specified on its website, Tas has confirmed of collaboration.

XRP Liquidity gets a Swift Kick

Meanwhile, XRP is constantly adding liquidity. From today, it will get even a bigger boost as shared by XRP enthusiast Leonidas on Twitter:

Another addition is Belfrics, which is a global crypto exchange and currently operates in 7 countries. XRP enthusiast Leonidas further shares on Twitter, It “is offering $XRP TZS (Tanzanian Shilling) USD NGN KES (Kenyan Shilling) BTC pairs. The total XRP fiat pairs that I know of is now 44.”

XRP liquidity is getting a continuous boost with listings, more trading pairs, and traction as a base currency. At the time of writing, XRP has been trading at $0.5035.

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